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Bring Home the Farmhouse Bathroom Style

Does a rustic, lived-in decor theme appeal to you? If so, consider turning your bathroom into a bright and airy farmhouse-inspired retreat complete with fresh colors, homespun and weathered materials, and upcycled decor elements.

Farmhouse bathroom style green vanity
Pooja Pillai

Read on as we share tips on how you can incorporate some trending farmhouse bathroom style ideas into your bathroom design.

What is Farmhouse Bathroom Style?

While there are many interpretations of farmhouse bathroom style, from vintage to modern, the bottom line is the space should be cozy, inviting, and practical. 

If you want to bring farmhouse style into your bathroom space, take a look at these advice:

What Materials Should I Use In Farmhouse-Style Bathrooms?

You don't have to move to the hinterlands to enjoy the charms of a farmhouse bathroom style. Instead, style your bathroom with natural materials such as stone, concrete, roughly-hewn wood, and wicker.

Include simple wall paneling, geometric tiled flooring, plaid details, and wooden accents for that quintessential farmhouse vibe.

Farmhouse bathroom with geometric floor tiles

This design trend is so easy and affordable; you can even DIY some of the elements - how about creating bathroom curtains from a couple of burlap bags?  

Finally, architectural details like exposed ceiling beams and water pipes draw your eye to the ceiling and add to the open and rustic style of the bathroom. They tie the whole farmhouse look together.

How to Choose Your Farmhouse Bathroom Color Palette?

Choose a natural color palette with browns, greys, blues, greens, and whites. These neural shades offer a fresh, clean-cut traditional feel to your bathroom. Distressed paint is also a favorite to create a classic worn and weathered look.  

Before jumping straight into redecorating or remodeling your space, it’s a good idea to visualize your ideas. Consider using RoomSketcher to experiment with color schemes, plus layouts, floor plans, and more.

With the RoomSketcher app on your computer or tablet, you can even create a 3D view of your bathroom and try out different products and fixtures, flooring, wall coverings, and accents!

Farmhouse bathroom color palette

Choose a Farmhouse Style Bathtub and Vanity

A claw-foot or freestanding bathtub should be the piece de resistance of your bathroom. Given that it can be placed anywhere, you can tastefully arrange the rest of the decor around it. 

Farmhouse bathroom bathroom with clawfoot bathtub

To add a contemporary farmhouse twist to the space, you could install a wooden floating vanity with an elegant natural stone topper. This type of vanity leaves room underneath for storing laundry baskets or waste bins, making the bathroom look more spacious.

Top RoomSketcher Tip

Turn your farmhouse bathroom dreams into reality by installing repurposed sliding barn doors for the entrance. A unique, strong, and high-end yet rustic look.

How Can I Add Farmhouse Style to My Bathroom?

Decor items that are sourced from flea markets or are heirloom hand-me-downs can add character and rural charm to your bathroom space. Find accessories with a nostalgic vibe - how about a vintage apple-picking ladder repurposed for hanging towels? Or handmade macrame hangings and rattan baskets?

Combine these elements with reclaimed wood shelves to create a bathroom space that never goes out of style. Also, since practicality is central to this trend, be sure to incorporate storage solutions updated with farmhouse decor-inspired handles, knobs, and hardware.

Farmhouse bathroom design ideas

Another way to carve out more storage space in your bathroom is by using recessed wall niches, which can hold towels, toiletries, or candles. 

If you wish to combine the rustic feel of the bathroom with contemporary accents, choose vanity mirror frames or faucets in a matte finish. Then, to illuminate your bathroom, use heavy-duty barn lighting. For the walls, we love the look of shiplap, weathered wood, and vintage wallpaper designs. 

Farmhouse bathroom style accessories

Most importantly, have the design stay in sync with nature by adding a plant or dried wildflowers in a vase. You could also hang a few farm-inspired art pieces that hold sentimental value.

What Is The Difference Between Farmhouse and Country Decor?

Farmhouse and country decor are two separate and distinct styles, which are sometimes confused with each other. If you long for the look of rural farm life inspired by simplicity, comfort, and practicality, with a dash of elegance, then choose farmhouse decor. 

Farmhouse bathroom inspiration

Meanwhile, the country decor style encompasses more feminine energy. Thus, you will find this style uses soft colors, floral motifs, and vintage designs. It also tends to incorporate more decorative elements, which don't necessarily have any practical use but add that shabby-chic country look.

Why is Farmhouse Style So Popular?

Many of us want to escape to a simpler way of life. When high-rise buildings and cosmopolitan influences surround city dwellers, there is some novelty and comfort in going back to the basics. With its basic, simplistic, and well-worn decor features, the farmhouse bathroom style has become a favorite design trend.

Create your own farmhouse bathroom style with the RoomSketcher bathroom planner.

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