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8 Timeless Rustic-Style Bathroom Ideas

Capture the rugged and unrefined elements of nature with a cozy rustic-style bathroom. This warm and inviting design approach is perfect for anyone wanting to embrace their love for the outdoors.

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Rustic bathroom style remodel
Sam Applegate

A country-inspired space requires plenty of raw materials and organic accessories, all tied together with neutral earthy tones.

Read on for design inspiration and ideas for creating the perfect rustic style bathroom.

What Is a Rustic Bathroom?

Think nature, the outdoors, and aged organic materials. Stone sinks, robust wooden furniture, and copper fittings hit the brief perfectly.

Weathered finishes like oil-rubbed bronze and antiqued brass also belong in this charming, homely style.

Rustic bathroom style

How Do I Make My Bathroom Rustic?

You’ll need to think about the following essential features to create a rustic-style bathroom:

Rustic Bathroom Ideas

If you’re interested in creating your own rustic-style bathroom but struggling for inspiration, fear not. We’ve got your back. Here are 8 tips and ideas to excite and motivate your design process.

1. Rustic Shower Room

To optimize the rustic style, consider going down the wet room route instead of shower curtains or glass. Incline your floor by about 2 degrees for adequate drainage, and use waterproof materials for everything directly in the splash zone.

Use a fast-flowing overhead shower to create a natural waterfall effect, and opt for bronze or copper shower fixtures to stay on track with the rustic style.

Rustic style shower room

2. Rustic Style Bathroom Sink

To really make a statement, what about a hand-hammered copper sink, complete with an oil-rubbed bronze finish? This textured feature not only totally matches the rustic theme but is also practical and durable.

Accompany your stand-out sink with some equally elegant vintage faucets.

Remember to avoid standard chrome-polished fixtures as these can distract from the rustic immersion.

Bathroom sink in rustic style

3. Rustic Style Bathroom Vanity

An oak cabinet is perfect for a rustic-themed vanity. Nothing says “rustic” like a natural wood finish. And the more natural-looking, the better.

There are many other options for a rustic-style vanity. Different shades of stained wood will add to the overall organic feel of your rustic bathroom. Finish with distressed paint for a worn antiquated look.

Always ensure your vanity has been sealed with a waterproof finish to protect against bathroom moisture.

Rustic bathroom vanity

4. Rustic Style Bathroom Lighting

Wall-mounted Edison bulbs match the rustic theme perfectly, especially when fitted above your vanity mirror. Use a warm bulb to accentuate the organic tones in your room. You can also add lighting fixtures with lampshades to create a softer hue.

Feel free to mix and match different styles of light fittings across the room for an eclectic mix of light sources.

If you’re feeling bold, a vintage chandelier can create an impressive focal point in your rustic-style bathroom.

Rustic style bathroom lighting

5. Rustic Style Bathroom Tiles

Stay clear of glossy tiles and focus on the rugged and unrefined. Dark slate or flagstone floor tiles beautifully encapsulate the rustic mood. Pebble tiles can also work well in your shower cubical.

Use earthy colors, and don’t worry about using different tile designs for different areas of your room.

If you want more variety, consider wood paneling or a shiplap feature wall to contrast with the tiles.

Bathroom with rustic tiles

6. Rustic Bathroom Furniture

Together with the all-important vanity, there are several other additions when it comes to bathroom furniture.

A strategically placed farmhouse stool can add a subtle rustic touch to your space. You can also experiment with antique tables and chairs if you have a large area to fill.

Unplaned pine or natural oak is the go-to material for rustic bathroom furniture. Coat with a dark varnish or wood stain for a beautiful and practical result. A distressed paint finish also looks great.

Rustic bathroom style furniture

7. Rustic Style Bathroom Mirrors

A thick wooden frame with iron corner brackets provides a durable farmhouse feel and is an obvious choice for your rustic bathroom mirror. Use a matching wooden frame to mount your vanity lighting to create a consistent theme.

Alternatively, for a softer, more feminine touch, an antique mirror won’t look out of place in your rustic bathroom.

Rustic bathroom style mirror

8. Rustic Style Bathroom Accessories

To finish off your rustic style bathroom, be sure to scatter rustic accessories throughout. Small details like aluminum soap dispensers and toothbrush holders can make all the difference.

Robust iron toilet-roll holders and handrails are also a great addition, while potted plants will bring the room closer to nature.

Accessories for rustic bathroom style

Design Your Very Own Rustic Bathroom

A rustic bathroom will provide a warm and inviting space in your home. Perfect for getting away from it all.

If you’ve fallen in love with this rugged style, why not have a go at designing your very own rustic bathroom?

Our bathroom planner lets you hit the ground running with everything you need. Simply draw your floor plan, furnish your bathroom, and visualize your creation in stunning 3D.

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