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12 Fang-tastic Halloween Décor Ideas

If you want to do fright right this fall, you need to plan ahead and start thinking about your Halloween décor ideas well in advance.

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Halloween decorated hallway
Sam Applegate

Halloween décor ideas can help you create the perfect ambiance. But including plenty of spooky Halloween decorations while maintaining elegance and class, can sometimes be a challenge.

But fear not, we have plenty of Halloween décor ideas for you. We’re here to rescue you from the interior design terrors! Read on, to discover our top tips for decorating your house this Halloween.

1. Use Classic Fall Colors

It’s important to get your color scheme spot on, right off the bat. If you mix and match too many different, conflicting tones, you risk creating a busy and unbalanced space.

Halloween color palette
Image credit: Schemecolor

The classic Halloween color palette includes orange, brown, and yellow. Strategically place decorations matching these colors around your room. Ideally, stick to just two or three tones to create a consistent theme. This will help to bring the room together.

2. Welcome Guests With Rows of Pumpkins

Don’t overlook your outdoor Halloween decor. This tried and tested concept creates a dramatic first impression for your guests.

If you have steps or a long path to your front door, it’s a great place to line up some pumpkins and show off your carving skills.

Chic Halloween porch decor

3. Smaller Is Better

Rather than relying on one large decor item, why not use several smaller decorations instead?

Smaller decorations, carefully placed, can add a touch of class and style to your Halloween season decor.

Small white pumpkins n a bowl

This Halloween décor idea works great with classic Halloween decorations like pumpkins, skulls, and spiders.

4. Be Unique With DIY Halloween Decorations

Whether it’s giant paper bats or butterflies, pumpkin vases, or a cauldron full of eyeballs, DIY Halloween decor helps your design look unique and stand out from the crowd.

You can even create simple, spooky, messages to hang around your home.

Halloween decorated bar cart

5. Use Monochrome Features to Add Some Class

If you want to avoid the classic Fall colors and really add some elegance, then try experimenting with monochrome decorative features.

You can paint pumpkins black and white or use monochrome candlesticks for that chic gothic look.

Halloween décor for bookcase

6. Don’t Forget the Kitchen

For the kitchen decor, we recommend you keep it simple, as safety, hygiene, and practicality should be considered.

Chic Halloween House kitchen decorating ideas

Halloween kitchen decorations shouldn’t get in the way of food preparation so avoid draping long spider webs over your stovetop or placing large pumpkins that take up valuable workspace.

Instead, hang decorations well out of the way or use smaller items.

7. Create a Cosy Space With Temporary Room Partitions

If you have an open plan layout, you can use partitions or room dividers to isolate sections and decorate specific areas to match your theme. Black is a great color choice for the partitions, and they can easily be removed and stored after the Halloween season.

Classic black and orange Halloween decorating ideas

8. Remember That Less Is More

Don’t be tempted to try and pack as many different decorations as you can into your home. Things will start to feel cluttered and untidy.

Instead, aim for subtle hints of Halloween strategically placed throughout your room. Even just one large pumpkin in the corner can create the right environment.

Living room stylishly decorated for Halloween

9. Set Your Table to Create the Perfect Ambiance

If you’re hosting a Halloween dinner party, chances are you’ll be spending most of your time at the dining table.

Add candles, small pumpkins, and unique tableware to create the right ambiance. If you want to go really spooky, black plates, cauldron goblets, and ornate cutlery are perfect.

Thanksgiving and Halloween tablescape

10. Stick To Just a Few Halloween Decoration Types

If you’ve visited the Halloween home decor section of any shop, chances are you’ve seen the wide range of options available:

Halloween décor checklist

Remember, you don’t have to include all these Halloween decor ideas! Pick three or four items to focus on and add different variations of the same theme.

Halloween décor ideas

11. Use Indoor Plants and Flowers

Indoor plants that are orange, brown, or yellow add a beautiful touch to your Halloween décor.

Venus Fly Traps, Blood Lillies, and Bat Flowers are some of the more exotic plants you could use. Alternatively, look for simple, naturally browning house plants with golden tones.

Halloween decorated hallway

12. Add a Twist With Contemporary Pastels

For something completely different, ignore the classic Halloween palette and design your entire theme based on pastel colors. They add a fun and playful element to your Halloween decor. Pumpkins are easy to paint, so the possibilities are endless.

Pink Halloween décor ideas for living room

When to Put Up Halloween Décor?

This depends on how grand your design plans are and how fast you can get everything finished. It’s also important to consider if your Halloween decor will get in the way of your day-to-day life. But, generally speaking, people start putting up their Halloween decorations in the first two weeks of October.

Trick or Treat Yourself to an Unforgettable Halloween

Striking the perfect balance between spooky decorations and elegant style can be effortless when you have good ideas. With these top design tips, we hope you create the perfect atmosphere this fall.

Good luck with your wicked Halloween décor ideas.

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