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View The How I Met Your Mother Apartment In 3D

Like many of you, the team at RoomSketcher are huge fans of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). This American sitcom, which ran for nine seasons until 2014, has provided us with many hours of binge-watching.

Susan Johnson

We couldn’t resist, and we’ve brought back to life the How I Met Your Mother apartment where the good friend's Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall, and Barney lived.

After all, what better way to pay tribute to one of the best comedies of all time than by recreating the apartment and looking back on its iconic set.

So, here’s our take on the apartment of TV’s most beloved group of friends (well, after Friends, of course).

About The HIMYM Apartment Set

Apartment 4C is where Ted Mosby, a New York City architect, and the other cast members lived throughout the series. Consisting of a living room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen, it’s located on the third floor above a bar in Manhattan.

The apartment also has access to the roof of the building, which is seen in some episodes. Here’s the floor plan of the HIMYM apartment we created in the RoomSketcher App:

HIMYM 3D Floor Plan

During the nine seasons, Ted’s roommates rotated between cast members. We followed the lives and antics of long-time couple Marshal and Lily, the eccentric playboy Barney, and the news anchor Robin.

Ted’s How I Met Your Mother Apartment

The Messy Living Room

Ted’s living room is messy and cluttered. One of the most memorable furniture items is the couch, which was placed in the middle of the living room and was often the epicenter of the action. At the start of the TV series, it was a brown leather couch with a red throw blanket.

HIMYM 3D Photo Ted Apartment Living Room

Then, at some point, it morphed into a reddish-orange couch. While we can’t compare it to the iconic Barcaloungers in Friends, it played a vital role throughout the show.

The Ever-Changing Kitchen

Painted in a creamy yellowish-beige hue, Ted’s kitchen in the HIMYM apartment is also incredibly cluttered. The cupboards were often left open, and we could see the shelves filled with jars, tins, and spices. The refrigerator is covered in photos, and cooking and cleaning items were often left on the counters.

HIMYM 3D Photo Ted Kitchen

The Cluttered Bathroom

Painted in the same shade as the kitchen, Ted’s bathroom is small and messy just like the rest of the apartment. Grooming products line every inch of the space.
Though small, the bathroom was still an essential part of the show.

Remember when Lily and Marshall spent an entire episode in the bathroom making plans during their anniversary? Or the time in Season 3 when Lily rescued Missy the goat from school, and it ended up in the HIMYM bathroom?

HIMYM 3D Photo Ted Bathroom

Ted’s Bedroom

Ted Mosby’s bedroom is dominated by his favorite possessions. While the Star Wars posters and decorative elements show Ted’s interests and hobbies, his collection of architectural books depicts his profession and his dream of designing a skyscraper that would be part of the famous Manhattan skyline.

HIMYM 3D Photo Ted Bedroom

Where Is the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Apartment Located?

The writers of HIMYM never provided fans with the exact address of the apartment, but they gave us a few clues. The apartment is situated above McLaren’s, the bar where the cast members often hung out.

McLaren’s is based on a real bar called McGee’s—a place with muraled walls and comfy booths on West 55th Street. Other clues lead us to believe that the HIMYM apartment is located on the Upper West Side, as the 86th Street subway station is the closest subway.

So, who knows, but somewhere in Manhattan is enough for us.

HIMYM 3D Photo Living Room

How Much Would the HIMYM Apartment Cost?

The Upper West Side of Manhattan is a prime neighborhood filled with parks and green spaces, cool restaurants, and art galleries. Rent in Manhattan is expensive, so the HIMYM apartment, with its living space of more than 1,000 square feet (about 100 m2) could cost over $4,000 per month.

Is the HIMYM Apartment Real?

In the TV series, the group hangs out at McLaren’s or in the apartment. For us, these were real places. So, imagine how we felt when we found out the show was filmed in a Los Angeles studio.

Take the HIMYM Virtual Tour

Using the RoomSketcher App, the team here at RoomSketcher re-created the HIMYM apartment in 3D. So go ahead and browse the virtual 3D photos, and check out the stunning 360 views. You can even open the apartment in the RoomSketcher App and decorate it yourself!

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