How I Met Your Mother Apartment In 3D

How I Met Your Mother Apartment In 3D

Tonight is the night. For some it might just be an ordinary Monday night, but for many, this is the night we say farewell. Tonight, the final episode of How I Met Your Mother airs, and with it comes a teary farewell to the characters many of us have followed since 2005.

How I Met Your Mother began its ninth and final season in the fall of 2013, having all its viewers on the edge of their sofas about who the mother was, whether Barney and Robin would actually get married and how things would work out for Marshall, Lily and little Marvin. As the show has crept towards the penultimate episode, excitement and speculation has been building across the world as to how the show will end.

When the final episode airs tonight, many have already stated on social media that the tears will be trickling throughout the hour long special episode, as they say farewell to what may be one of the most loved groups of friends in the history of television. Still, there seems to be an unspoken consensus that it is okay that the show is coming to an end. When the very first episode aired on September 19 2005, it was with a promise to both us and Ted Mosby’s kids, that this would be the tale of “how I met your mother”, and tonight, when the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place, we will get to know just that.


HIMYM Living Room In RoomSketcher

The team here at RoomSketcher are such big fans of the show that we took on a little side project over the last couple of weeks, and decided to create the apartment from the show in RoomSketcher. You can also view the project in 3D Walk here.

HIMYM Apartment 3D Floor Plan

We have already had some great feedback from the How I Met Your Mother cast and crew on Twitter. The show’s propmaster Dave Clarke (@DaveClarke) and writer George Sloan (@GeorgeSloan) have already favorited tweets we sent them with images of the apartment. Our favourite reaction so far has to be from the How I Met Your Mother mega fan (@HIMYM_Quotes) here:

The apartment is currently decorated as it was when Lily and Marshall lived there, but you can open the project in Home Designer and decorate it however you want! Did you ever want to live in the apartment from How I Met Your Mother? We know we did (come to think of it, we might not want to have a goat in the bathroom), so here you go, make it your own!

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