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Friends TV Show Apartment Floor Plan

The Friends TV show is returning after almost 16 years, reuniting the full cast of Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc. Anticipation is high for the unscripted special – it was to be released in May 2020, but was postponed due to the ongoing pandemic.

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Friends tv show 3d photos
Susan Johnson

While we wait, we thought we’d have some fun creating the Friends apartment floor plan and offer the world a live virtual tour of the iconic rooms. Now you can step into the Friends TV show apartment from the comfort of your home.

Without further ado, let’s go visit our “Friends”…

The Complete Friends Apartment Layout

Much of the series takes place in a one-block radius in New York City. On the ground floor of the building is the Central Perk Coffee House where the friends like to hang out. Up the stairs, on the third floor of the building, you find Monica’s apartment and the boys’ apartment, which was occupied by Joey and Chandler. The two units are directly across the hall from each other. Here’s a 3D floor plan showing the layout.

Friends-TV-Show-Apartment-Floor-Plan-Friends Apartment 3D Floor Plan

Friends Apartment – The Virtual Tour

Monica’s apartment in Friends made history alongside the show. It’s where many of the episodes took place and has been home to every member of the cast at one point or the other.

The address to the apartment is shown on the wedding invitations to be 495 Grove Street. However, the external shots are of a different building in New York. Ross’ apartment is on the second floor of the block, opposite the coffee house.

Want to walk through the apartment as if you are really inside? Just click the link and use your mouse or keyboard arrow keys to move around in Live 3D inside Monica’s apartment. You can even go through the door of her apartment and cross the hall to check out Joey and Chandler’s place! Below is a 360 view, click the arrows to take a look around!

Monica’s Apartment Kitchen and Living Area

As soon as you enter, you’ll see the colorful kitchen and the living room. According to Greg Grande, the designer who decorated the sets of the show, Monica’s apartment décor was given the eclectic vibe of a flea market. This is the reason why the chairs in the kitchen were replaced every once in a while.

The kitchen’s open shelving became a popular kitchen design trend – it allows you to show off special items and it’s a convenient way to grab herbs or spices when cooking. Monica’s shelves were packed, but everything was systematically organized from condiments to plates and books.

Friends Monica Apartment Kitchen 3D Photo

Monica’s apartment features an open plan for the main living space – primarily comprising the living room and kitchen. Notice the purple walls and the adorable vintage French poster behind the TV. In front of the TV, you’ll see the couch and coffee table where many Friends conversations took place.

Friends tv show apartment living room monica

In addition to the main living area, the apartment has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a balcony.

Monica’s Bedroom

Monica’s bedroom is at the back of the apartment. We like her shabby-chic headboard with distressed paint.

Friends tv show apartment bedroom monica

Rachel’s Bedroom

The second bedroom belongs to Rachel for a significant part of the TV show. If Rachel’s bedroom can be described in one word, it would be romantic. The color scheme includes the purplish-pink of the door, a darker pink wall color, with bursts of pink and floral designs.

Rachel from Friends pink bedroom

Monica’s Apartment Bathroom

The bathroom was also painted purple. Though the bathroom wasn’t very spacious, it was big enough to include a free-standing bathtub and all the essentials two girls might need.

You may have noticed that the purple inside the bathroom is a warm purple compared to the cold purple with a blue hue in the living room. The effect is particularly stunning when you see the two colors together.

Monica's purple apartment bathroom

Joey and Chandler’s Apartment

Joey and Chandler’s is a two-bedroom apartment with a compact layout. The bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen area are cluttered and a bit messy. This is probably why the whole gang prefers hanging out at Monica and Rachel’s apartment across the hall. Their apartment is homier with a proper kitchen, cozy seating in front of the TV, and a large balcony.

Friends tv show 3D Photo joey chandler apartment

The “boys” apartment served as a sanctuary for its two residents – a place where they could drink beer, relax in their Barcalounger chairs, and play games such as Foosball, hammer darts, or fireball. You may remember that the apartment was a mess in contrast to Monica’s neat and tidy place, but it was also realistic for two young men in New York.

The key décor in the apartment were two reclining armchairs, a framed picture of Laurel and Hardy, the Foosball table, and the bright yellow sofa. Of these, the foosball table and the reclining Barcalounger chairs featured in many episodes that kept them engraved in viewers’ minds.

Joey Chandler Apartment Living Room

Try it Yourself

The virtual tour and all the floor plans and photos were created in the RoomSketcher App. RoomSketcher is an easy to use software where you can draw your own dream home.

Open our Friends RoomSketcher project and move things around to your liking.
Or, create a floor plan of your home and inject a bit of Friends apartment-style into it!

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