Tour The Big Bang Theory Apartments In Live 3D!

Tour The Big Bang Theory Apartments In Live 3D!

The Big Bang Theory is the geekiest programme on TV at the moment and also one of the most popular. It’s about the comedic adventures of four physicists who are experts in their fields of science, but often struggle within the realms of normal life and everyday social situations.

We thought it would be great to pay homage to Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and rest of the gang by creating a scale 3D model of the famous TV show apartments – 4A and 4B N. 2311 Los Robles, Pasadena. Take a look at the 3D Photos we have created and tour the apartments in Live 3D!



View all of the 3D Photos and panoramic views here.

Tour the apartments in Live 3D here.

Check out the details in this crisp and clear 3D Floor Plan.


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