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Mediterranean-Inspired Bathrooms Redefine Minimalism

It’s the hottest interior style right now: the modern Mediterranean. It features traditional rustic materials like handmade terracotta tiles and redefines minimalism by using natural materials and soft, earthy color palettes, and organic shapes. We’re excited to share some Mediterranean bathroom styles that embrace this warm and inviting aesthetic.

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Modern Mediterranean Style Bathroom
Linda White

If you’re dreaming of a luxurious bathroom that makes you feel like you’re in a sun-drenched destination, the modern Mediterranean bathroom style - sometimes referred to as ‘new Mediterranean’ - might be right for you. Old World charm with a minimalistic yet sumptuous twist encourages relaxation and is sure to feed your soul!

3D Photo bathroom Mediterranean

How Do I Determine My Mediterranean-Bathroom Layout?

When it comes to Mediterranean-inspired bathroom layouts, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. The layout should be functional and efficient so it reflects the needs and wishes of the people who will regularly use it.

If you’re looking for a primary bathroom Mediterranean style, for instance, you may want to incorporate spa-like features. The layout should also reflect the character of your home, so transitions from one space to another are smooth and natural.

Looking for some tips to decide the best layout for your Mediterranean-style bathroom? We’ve got you covered:

Mediterranean bathroom style blue hues

What Materials Should I Use in My Mediterranean Bathroom Design?

If you’ve ever traveled to the Mediterranean, you already know it has a style all its own, but you can create a modern Mediterranean in your own home with the right combination of materials and features:

Mediterranean bathroom style 3D floor plan

How Do I Decorate My Mediterranean Bathroom?

Mediterranean design draws from a myriad of coastal countries, including Spain, Italy, Greece, and Morocco. Each locale has its own unique offerings, such as Morocco’s colorful textiles, but you’ll see decor elements overlap. Multiple textures, for instance, create warmth and interest.

Tiles, natural materials. In Mediterranean bathroom design, tiles are typically applied to more than just the floors, and you can mix patterns to create stunning looks. When choosing Mediterranean bathroom accessories, reach for earthy and natural materials like rattan, wicker, straw, rope, jute, linen, and cotton. Luxurious cream and white-colored cotton towels, for instance, wrap you in comfort, while wicker baskets are ideal for holding toiletries.

Tiles in Mediterranean bathroom design

Glamorous, rustic charm. Intricate chandeliers and tapestries or rugs on the floor and/or wall add a touch of glamor to Mediterranean bathroom decor but don’t forget to incorporate some rustic charm through exposed or faux wood beams, a live edge sliding bathroom door, and accessories like a wooden stool to display lush towels.

Beautiful Mediterranean bathroom

Statement mirrors. Mediterranean-style bathroom mirrors are typically statement pieces, such as a mirror framed in reclaimed wood, an arched mirror that complements arched windows and doorways, or a rattan sun-shaped mirror.

A mirror offers the added benefit of reflecting natural light, which is noteworthy because maximizing natural light and views of the outdoors is a hallmark of Mediterranean design.

Statement mirrors Mediterranean style

Greenery. Mediterranean greenery like a potted olive tree, if climate permits, would be right at home in a Mediterranean-inspired bathroom. Alternatively, opt for a faux olive tree or display olive branches or dried flowers — perhaps plucked from a seaside walk — in a rustic ceramic vase.

Lucious green plants in bathroom

Vessel sink. A vessel sink, a basin that sits atop a bathroom vanity, provides a striking alternative to an undermount sink in the Mediterranean bathroom style. Vessel sinks come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, including ceramic, glass, stone, copper, marble, travertine, concrete, and steel. Look for rounded or irregular, organic shapes. When selecting a Mediterranean-style bathroom vanity, natural wood is, well, a natural choice.

Mediterranean style bathroom vessel sink

Lighting. Complete your look with Mediterranean-style bathroom lighting. A baroque chandelier adds a historic and classic vibe, while simple brass sconces are the perfect blend of ornate and minimalism. Oversized lanterns or star-shaped pendants made from materials like wrought iron or hammered metal work well in a Mediterranean-inspired oasis.

For an eclectic look, use a mix of metals but if you prefer a sleeker, more modern look, stick with a single metal finish.

Lighting in Mediterranean bathroom design idea

Top RoomSketcher Tip

“Spend some time looking for a unique and colorful sink to really pull off the Mediterranean bathroom style.”

Modern Mediterranean Bathroom Color Palette

Modern Mediterranean-inspired bathrooms might feature a neutral color palette like alabaster, parchment, straw, stone, and various shades of cream and white. A color palette of warm and earthy tones such as warm brown, clay, cinnamon, chili pepper, flax, ocher, umber, and terra cotta – is another breathtaking example of the modern Mediterranean.

Both palettes may be paired with natural textures — such as stone and wood ceiling beams — and pops of colors like those reminiscent of the Greek islands: azure, cerulean, cobalt, and turquoise blues, along with moss and sea greens.

Color palette bathroom style

Mediterranean Style Bathroom Ideas

While minimalism is often associated with a black-and-white color palette, the modern Mediterranean’s minimalist approach blends neutral or earthy color palettes with rustic elements, ornate details, and a combination of textures.

Modern Mediterranean’s casual yet chic, sun-drenched atmosphere instantly transports you to swoon-worthy destinations like the Amalfi Coast or Greek Islands, making the style an ideal destination for design lovers around the globe. Download the RoomSketcher App and get started on your awe-inspiring journey today!

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