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How to Create a Relaxing Tropical Bathroom Style

If you like that lush Caribbean vibe, a tropical bathroom style could be your idea of heaven. So, why not surround yourself with the beauty of the tropics and create the perfect environment to relax and unwind.

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Tropical bathroom style with green tiles and plants
Sam Applegate

A tropical bathroom style needs the right balance of colors, plenty of natural light, and of course, a selection of stunning tropical plants.

Continue reading, to learn how to combine all the elements together and create true equatorial bliss.

How Do I Make My Bathroom Look Tropical?

There’s no strict rulebook for creating the perfect tropical bathroom design and you should always include some personal touches to reflect your individuality.

Having said that, there are several key elements that you’ll need to think about.

Green Plants:

Tropical parts of the world are bursting with abundant, overgrown vegetation. Think rainforests, jungles, and lush beach-side palm trees. You’ll need to include plenty of tropical plants in your design if you want accurately set the scene.

Bathroom style tropical green plants

Waterfall Shower:

Other natural features often found in the tropics include picturesque waterfalls, proximity to the ocean, and stunning lagoons. Using a waterfall shower in your tropical-style bathroom can represent a sense of excitement and adventure.

Waterfall shower tropical bathroom style

Exotic Woods:

Consider a stained wood design for your bathroom cabinets to further emphasize that natural vibe. There are many exotic woods like teak, cypress, mahogany, or Brazilian cheery you can use. Make sure you use a varnish or other water-resistant coating to protect the wood and ensure a long-lasting finish.

Polished Concrete Surfaces:

Standard bathroom tiles can sometimes ruin the immersive natural feel. Opting for polished concrete provides a neutral, durable, and reflective alternative that can bring the whole design together.


Natural Fabrics:

Jute, sisal, cotton, and wicker are all-natural fabrics you can include in your tropical bathroom accessories. Add a wicker basket for towels or laundry hamper, a jute or sisal rug or bath mat, and fluffy white or pastel cotton towels.

Natural materials in tropical bathroom interior

Plenty of Light:

Tropical designs work best in areas that have an abundance of natural light. If you’re not fortunate enough to have large windows or natural light sources, don’t worry. You can use diffused lighting and soft lights to mimic the effect.

Tropical zen bathroom design style

Minimal Ornamentation:

Decorating and over-elaborating elements in your bathroom tend to remove that simple, natural feel. Try to avoid the temptation and remember that less is sometimes more.

Tropical bathroom style with minimal ornamentation

White Accents:

White perfectly compliments the bold green colors you’ll get from all those tropical plants. It’s natural, neutral, and can help you avoid any unsightly palette clashes.

Tropical bathroom with green wallpaper and white accents

Tropical Tones:

You can also use gold, beige, or orange tones to express that tropical beach paradise. Or opt for vibrant colors and pastels. Try to pick just one or two tones to use throughout your design.

Tropical style colors orange accents in bathroom

Tropical Bathroom Decor And Materials

A big part of achieving a tropical design is choosing the right materials. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Tropical Bathroom Vanity

Natural materials like wood and stonework are great choices for a vanity in a tropical-themed bathroom. For a slightly more contemporary design, you can go for neutral clean white finishes. Avoid bold saturated colors as these can look unnatural.

Tropical bathroom style in sand tones and white accents

Tropical Bathroom Shower

Close your eyes, relax, and transport yourself to a distant climate with a waterfall shower installation. 

These fast-flowing systems produce more steam and air moisture than a traditional shower, delivering that hot and humid atmosphere you’re after.

Top RoomSketcher Tip

Remember to install adequate ventilation to avoid damp and mold issues. Check your local building regulations for extractor fan airflow requirements.

Avoid opaque shower curtains as they not only make your bathroom feel smaller but also distract from the overall tropical theme. Instead, use frameless glass if possible. They have a much cleaner look and ensure plenty of light is dispersed through the room.

For that ultimate tropical look, avoid shower curtains or glass doors altogether. This might not be the most practical solution, but certainly gives the feeling of showering under a tropical waterfall.

Tropical bathroom design idea waterfall shower

Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper

For a more direct and in-your-face tropical feel, you could consider water-resistant vinyl wallpaper. There are many different tropical bathroom wallpaper designs to choose from.

Be aware that wallpaper is usually less durable than tiles. Ideally, the wallpaper shouldn’t be in direct regular contact with water, especially where the wallpaper sections join.

Bathroom style with tropical wallpaper

Tropical Bathroom Tiles

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing tiles for your tropical-style bathroom.

You can keep things simple and opt for clean white tiles that look great with bold green plants.

Alternatively, you can use textured tiles. Tiles with natural materials like stone can help transform your bathroom into a tropical oasis.

Tropical bathroom style design with tactile textures

Tropical-Style Bathroom Lighting

Soft warm lighting works best to mimic natural sunlight and add an authentic feel to your tropical environment.

But don’t forget practicality. Feel free to use more intense spotlights above the vanity mirror to make shaving and washing easier.

Tropical bathroom style lighting

Details That Belong in a Tropical-Style Bathroom

Once you’ve decided on your main fixtures and fittings, wall tiles, and flooring, consider adding subtle hints of the tropics to further strengthen the theme. This can be achieved by strategically placing tropical bathroom accessories throughout the room.

Tropical Bathroom Accessories

One important aspect of your tropical-style bathroom decor is going to be a lush green plant display. There are various tropical plant species to choose from, including:

All these plants are suitable for indoor use and require minimum maintenance.

Small tropical bathroom style idea

Other accessories that you might want to consider for your tropical-style bathroom include:

Tropical bathroom style accessories

Which Tropical Colors Can I Use in My Bathroom?

In terms of choosing colors for your tropical bathroom, your primary focus should be on (you’ve guessed it) green! This includes deep dark greens, vibrant greens, earthy greens, and even lime greens.

You can also mix in several other tropical colors and fresh tones to finish off the look. Consider adding natural colors like sky blue, brown, and beige.

Try not to mix and match too many contrasting colors and remember you can always use white if things are starting to look a little busy.

tropical style bathroom design with sand tones and white accents

Visualize Your Tropical-Style Bathroom Ideas

A tropical bathroom design can add an exciting twist to your home and create a beautiful environment to relax and unwind.

If you’re bursting with tropical bathroom ideas and need help visualizing your dream space download the RoomSketcher App today. It’s quick and easy to use and lets you experiment with different design elements without committing a ton of time and energy.

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