Modern House Floor Plans – Top 12 Features You’ll Want To Include

Modern house floor plan

Written by Sam A.

Modern design has been one of the leading architectural styles for the past century. Modern house plans include a unique set of features and characteristics that beautifully capture the modern design era.

If you’re looking to create your own modern floor plan, there are key elements and floor layouts you’ll need to consider to hit your brief.

Continue reading to learn how to add that modern twist and see some amazing floor plan examples. But first, let’s take a look at some of the elements of modern architecture and modern floor plans.

Modern house floor plan

12 Distinctive Features of Modern House Floor Plans

There’s no precise rulebook that defines exactly what modern design is, and some designers may disagree on certain things.

Having said that, to give you a better idea of what modern design entails, we’ve compiled the following list that highlights many of the common features found in modern house floor plans:

1. Strong Geometric Shapes

Forget boring square or rectangular rooms! Modern house floor plans may have creative and obscure angles, like in this example:

Modern floor plan geometric

2. Clerestory Windows

Clerestory windows appear on high walls and are fitted above eye level. They’re designed not only to maximize natural light flowing into the structure but also promote airflow.

Modern house plan with clerestory windows

Image: Michael Moran

3. Open Floor Plan

Removing traditional corridors and using an open plan layout provide a ton of benefits.

Your home will feel bigger and brighter, it’s great for entertaining guests, and you’ll have more flexibility with your furniture layout.

L-shaped open spaces that include the kitchen, dining room, and living room are common in modern house floor plans, as seen in this example:

Open floor plan modern

4. Large Sliding Doors

Large sliding doors can be used to seamlessly integrate outdoor spaces like patios, gardens, and pools to boost light levels and extend living areas during the summer months.

Modern house with sliding doors

Image: R. Architecture

5. Dynamic Features

Murphy beds, smart storage solutions, and pop-out tables can be incorporated into modern house floor plans to maximize space in smaller homes.

modern house floor plan dynamic feature

Image: Darren Richardson

6. Natural Materials

Wood, stone, or even soil can be used to help the home blend into its natural surroundings.

Modern bathroom style with natural materials

7. Visible Structural Skeletons

Using steel-reinforced concrete or exposed wooden beams, visible structural skeletons can open up the property and create a sense of space.

Modern structural skeletons

Image: R. Architecture

They also work well with large glass windows for increased natural light.

8. Flat or Slightly Pitched Roof

Perfect for warm climates, a flat roof gives a sharp modern look and offers a couple of advantages over a traditional gabled roof. It provides extra space for solar panels and makes it cheaper and easier to expand vertically in the future.

modern house plan

Image: R. Architecture

9. Overhanging Eaves

Another roofing feature often found on modern floor plans is overhanging eaves. They provide additional shading and seamlessly connect the indoors with the outdoors.

Overhanging eaves on modern house

Image: R. Architecture

10. Lanais, Verandas, and Porches

A bold design feature often found in modern architecture is the use of lanais and verandas.

Modern floor plan with veranda

These roofed, open-air porches help to blend interior and exterior living areas, provide stunning views, and deliver bright beams of natural light into your home.

11. High Ceilings

The main benefit of using high ceilings in your modern floor plan is an incredible feeling of extra space. They also promote airflow, and because heat rises, they help your home stay cool in summer.

Modern house with high ceiling

Image: Arek Socha

12. Mezzanine Floor

Naturally progressing on from high ceilings are mezzanine floors. If you have the extra vertical space, you may wish to maximize your living area and create a home office or extra bedroom.

Modern floor plan mezzanine floor

Image: Aaron Huber

That concludes our list of unique features and design techniques found on modern floor plans. We hope it’s given you plenty of ideas and inspiration!

If you’re thirsty for more stunning examples, we’ve got it covered. Check out our fantastic collection of house plan examples here.

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