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New Furniture Now Available

Download the latest version of the RoomSketcher App to unlock all new nightstands, plus lots of new half-moon tables and armoires, all customizable with our Replace Materials feature.

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Colorful nightstands collage
Therese Magnus


Our entire nightstand collection is now available with our popular Replace Materials feature. Whether you fancy classic nightstands, bedside tables, or bedside cabinets, you're bound to discover the perfect fit for your style.

blue gold nightstand books fluffy white bed

Half-Moon Tables

By popular demand, we’ve added a selection of half-moon tables to our furniture library. These timeless console tables bring an elegant flair to any household. Take your pick from traditional wood-finish tables to sleek glass ones with metal accents for a more modern touch.

Half moon table brick wall turquoise chair mirror


Also on our “most wanted” list, we had classic armoires. These beautiful traditional wardrobes are now available in the RoomSketcher library. Fully customizable with our Replace Materials feature, you can select your preferred wood type and resize them to fit your precise dimensions.

Armoire round wall opening concrete

How to Get the New Furniture

All subscribers can access our new nightstands, but you need a Pro or Team subscription to use the Replace Materials feature and to access our complete furniture library (including the new half-moon tables and armoires). So if you haven't already, upgrade your subscription now.

Then, simply the updated furniture library via the pop-up in your app. If you're new, download the app to your device to begin.

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