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Plan Your Kitchen Design Ideas With RoomSketcher

Looking for ways to make your kitchen design ideas a reality? You are not alone. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our home. However, it is not the easiest room to design. There are so many great ideas out there that it’s hard to know where to get started, and how to turn them into an actual kitchen design. And not just any old kitchen design, but a design that will work for your unique needs and lifestyle.

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Here are a few simple tips on how to turn your kitchen design ideas into a plan of action:

Know Your Cooking Style

Do you love to cook or is take-out more your style? We all have super busy lives. Therefore it’s important to choose a kitchen design that will work for you. When you know your cooking style, you’ll make better choices about which kitchen design ideas to prioritize.

If you love to cook, countertop space is critical. Keep yours clear, with plenty of storage. Create a kitchen layout with a “kitchen work triangle.” If you have two cooks in your kitchen, consider adding a second prep sink. You’ll speed up your prep time and keep out of each other’s way. Also, make sure to include some open shelving, to keep your cookbooks close at hand – if you love to cook, you are likely to have a few.

Are you usually short on time or cooking is not your thing, don’t trick out your kitchen with the latest gas cooker. Instead, keep your cooktop simple and invest in a double oven. A double oven will allow you to reheat several dishes at once. Look for models where the top oven includes a microwave function. If you are planning a small kitchen, look for a single oven that has the same convection/microwave combination.

eat in kitchen get the view
Mix open and closed shelves and cabinets in your kitchen to provide a variety of storage options

Assess Your Storage Needs

Do you have lots of dishes, pots, or pans? If not, consider removing upper cabinets altogether. Simply stack your dishes on open shelves near your dishwasher or sink. Eliminating upper cabinets opens a kitchen up significantly.

If you have many sets of dishes, upper cabinets will work best for you. If some are display-worthy, add some glass-front cabinets to show them off. However, if you love the open look, you can create a modern open kitchen, by moving your dishes below counter into kitchen drawers. These are becoming very popular and are a great alternative to traditional upper cabinet storage.

Do you have lots of small appliances? Consider adding a pantry closet or tall cabinet with shelves. You’ll keep your countertops clear and save lots of space in your smaller cabinets. Plus your appliances will be easier to find when they are all grouped in one convenient location.

kitchen design idea open modern black white kitchen large island stainless steel appliances
A kitchen island can define a kitchen zone, provide seating, countertop space, and storage.

Where to Hold Court

Love to entertain? If so, consider whether you enjoy doing so in the kitchen. We all know guests are drawn to the kitchen, no matter how big or small. If hosting dinner parties is your thing, you need a strategy to keep the conversation going and your kitchen functioning.

Draw guests away by locating your dining seating outside your kitchen. A pass-through window is an effective way of keeping your kitchen connected yet delineated. In the kitchen, a kitchen island or bar counter with seating works just as effectively, allowing you to entertain and hang out while keeping guests out of your workspace.

Another kitchen design idea favorite is creating a separate beverage bar. Whether it’s a built-in wet bar or a simple bar cart, place it where you want your guests to congregate.

kitchen design idea white kitchen layout with pass through window counter height bar
Connect a kitchen to living spaces with a large pass-through window with a countertop height bar

Make Room For the Whole Family

Where do you and your family spend the most time? If it’s the kitchen, add amenities for the whole family. Create a kitchen desk to keep yourself organized and to provide a place for kids to do homework. A center kitchen island provides a great place to gather and prepare a meal together. Alternatively, open your kitchen to your living space to stay connected to daily activities or keep an eye on the little ones.

kitchen design idea white kitchen design center island open living space
Use an island to define the kitchen area while keeping it open to the living space

Start With a Good Plan

The very best way to get started when you are ready to plan your kitchen design ideas is with a kitchen floor plan. The RoomSketcher App is an easy-to-use floor plan and home design software that you can use to try out different kitchen design ideas and determine which will work best for your kitchen.

RoomSketcher kitchen design idea 2D 3D floor plans kitchen layout
Create 2D and 3D floor plans of your kitchen to help plan your kitchen design ideas

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