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Oslo, Norway, June 9, 2015 – Working with stairs in RoomSketcher just got easier! We’ve been hard at work over the last year to make our stairs easy-to-use and more fun. In fact, we got so excited by the possibilities, that we updated the whole stair library and made them customizable too!

Introducing our new stairs update! In this exciting update you’ll find new staircase types, new finish options and a new customize feature so you can personalize your stair finishes. Here’s what’s new:

New Stair Types

One solution never fits all – especially with stairs. Now you can choose from over 40 new stair types. These include single winders, double winders, spiral stair options and even loft ladders, just to name a few.

New Customize Feature

VIP and Pro users can now customize stair finishes! We’ve added over 30 new finishes to choose from. Match stair treads to floors, stringers and risers to walls and find the perfect railing finishes with the new Customize Furnishings feature. Simply click on your staircase, open Properties and click Customize. You’ll find a whole host of new ways to customize your stair finishes – change the finish on stair treads, risers, stringers, railings and more!

Check it Out

All the stairs in the RoomSketcher Product Library are available for everyone to use. You will find a good how to article under Support that will show you how to work with stairs, including how to change orientation and size.

RoomSketcher VIP or Pro Subscribers can customize their stair finishes using the Customize Furnishings feature. The Customize Furnishings feature is also available for windows and doors. Look for the color wheel symbol in the product library on furnishings that can be customized.

To get started, simply create a free RoomSketcher account. Draw your floor plan, choose your windows, doors and stairs and see them in 3D. When you are ready to start customizing finishes, simply upgrade your account – it’s that easy!

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