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Design the Perfect Bathroom With Our Updated Library

Now you’ll find beautiful and versatile vanity lights in more of the latest styles, plus we’ve added our popular Replace Materials feature to over 30 shower enclosures and bathroom accessories. What does this mean for you? No matter what style or color you want to use in your bathroom design, you can do it with RoomSketcher!

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Bathroom vanity light options
Celine Polden

We’ve added some fabulous new products and features to the bathroom library for our paid subscriptions. The update includes:

Design Your Bathroom With More Vanity Light Styles

You asked for more vanity lights in various styles that you can coordinate with the rest of the bathroom. Well, they are here today! We have added lots of new vanity lights to our library, including bar styles and wall sconces for either side of the mirror, and styles for above the mirror.

So take a look, and start your next design in any bathroom style ranging from contemporary to industrial.

Bathroom furniture vanities in different materials

Over 30 Updated Shower Enclosures to Choose From

We have added our popular Replace Materials feature to over 30 of our shower fixtures and enclosures. Now you can change the material on the hardware to match your vanity, mirror, or other bathroom fittings & accessories.

Do you prefer chrome, brass, black, or even rose gold? We’ve included all of today’s popular materials and colors.

The shower enclosures themselves come in various shapes, such as square, curved, and neo-angle, plus you can select frosted or clear glass. You will also find shower doors, walls, and stalls in the updated bathroom shower collection.

Bathroom shower enclosures

Complete Your Design With the Perfect Accessories

You may have heard that it’s all about the details, and we definitely believe so. Even the smallest bathroom accessory can have a big impact on your design. This is why we have enhanced all our bathroom accessories with our Replace Materials feature.

Choose the exact shade and color you need. And when we say exact, we mean it – you can type any hex color code! You can also make fast and easy color changes depending on your style or even the season. So go ahead and get creative – the possibilities are endless!

Bathroom design with accessories

Try Out The Updated Bathroom Products?

The new bathroom products are available to any paid RoomSketcher subscriber. Make sure that you have the latest app. Furniture updates will automatically appear in your furniture library if you have Live Update enabled.

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