Draw a Floor Plan from a Blueprint

With a RoomSketcher Pro subscription, you can upload an existing floor plan drawing to use as a template. Upload a blueprint, image or sketch and trace over it. Save time and draw floor plans faster!

Draw from a Blueprint
  • Upload a blueprint, image or sketch to trace over
  • Draw accurate floor plans quickly and easily
  • Customize and edit your floor plan online

” RoomSketcher is brilliant – the professional quality floor plans I have created have improved our property advertising immensely. ”
James Bellini, James Griffin Lettings Ltd, United Kingdom

Create Your 2D and 3D Floor Plans Faster

Upload a blueprint, image or sketch
Simply upload an existing blueprint, image or sketch in JPG, PNG or PDF format. If yours is on paper, no problem – just snap a photo of it! Indicate the length of one of the walls to scale your blueprint automatically. Straighten and rotate if needed, and you are ready to draw!
Draw your Floor Plan
In just minutes, you’ll draw your online floor plan. Trace over your blueprint using the handy room and wall tools. Toggle your blueprint on or off as you draw. When your layout is complete, easily add doors and windows, materials, fixtures and furnishings.
Edit, customize and view in 3D!
Edit and customize your floor plan easily. Move walls, try out different materials and fixtures, or create an alternative floor plan layout. Then see it in interactive Live 3D. When your floor plan is complete, generate high-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans to print or download – at the touch of a button!
Save time and create your high-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans faster. Available with a RoomSketcher Pro subscription on PC, Mac and tablet.

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” Fast and easy to create floor plans in beautiful 3D. ”
Batur, Engineer

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