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3D Site Plans - Examples and Ideas

With RoomSketcher, it’s easy to create high-quality 3D Site Plans. Perfect for showcasing an entire property including backyard and landscape designs.

3D Site Plans Are Perfect For…

  • Real Estate Listings
  • Property Sales
  • Presentations
  • Property Marketing
  • Landscape Designs
  • Garden Designs
  • Backyard Designs
  • Yard Design Ideas
  • Deck Designs
  • Terrace Layouts
  • Patio Designs
  • Home Extensions
3D Site Plan With Garden and Swimming Pool

Why Use a 3D Site Plan

3D Site Plans give a true feel of the entire property and illustrate landscaping details perfectly. This makes them ideal for real estate marketing, landscape design, and planning home extensions. Compared to 2D Site Plans, they show depth and true materials like grass, soil and water. They more often include all furniture and details. Using 3D Site Plans you can illustrate and showcase an entire plot design concept - complete with all outdoor details.

Easily Draw Site Plans

Create 3D Site Plans With Ease

Create beautiful 3D Site Plans with the RoomSketcher App, the easy-to-use site plan software. With RoomSketcher, you can create 3D Site Plans on your computer or tablet. The easy click-and-drag interface makes drawing a site plan easy to understand and straightforward. Simply draw your property layout whilst the integrated measurement tools show you lengths and widths. Then add landscaping materials, plants, and outdoor furnishings to complete your site plan.

Types of 3D Site Plans

Choose your layout: from complete site plans to backyard and garden designs. With the large outdoor product library, there are endless options available.

RoomSketcher Site Plan Software 3D Site Plan

Property Layout

3D Site Plans are an excellent way to illustrate a property layout. In this example, you can see all the outdoor areas the property has to offer, including a garage, an enclosed backyard, and a large deck with outdoor dining. The site plan makes it easy to understand the property layout and instantly see its potential.

RoomSketcher 3D Site Plan Landscape Design

Landscape Design

3D Site Plans are ideal for landscape design because they make it easy for the viewer to visualize how the design will look. This example shows the landscape design of a back garden area. Although it’s a relatively small space, the garden has lots of great outdoor features such as an outdoor kitchen and dining area, a jacuzzi, a sun deck, and an outdoor seating area with a fireplace.

RoomSketcher 3D Site Plan Backyard Design

Backyard Design

3D Site Plans are really helpful for creating backyard designs. In this backyard design, the elements that make up each area are clearly illustrated, including the landscaping materials and outdoor furnishings. This makes it easier to visualize how each space will look, how it can be used, and which materials will work best.

3D Site Plan Examples

Get inspiration and start creating your site plans with a template from our Floor Plan Gallery. Check out some examples below:

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