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2D Site Plans - Examples and Ideas

With RoomSketcher, it’s easy to create high-quality 2D Site Plans. Create a clear overview of your property layout in black and white or color, and illustrate key landscaping features.

2D Site Plans Are Perfect For…

  • Real Estate Listings
  • Property Sales
  • Home Appraisals
  • Property Plans
  • Plot Plans
  • Park Plans
  • Landscape Designs
  • Garden Designs
  • Deck Plans
  • Terrace Layouts
  • Backyard Designs
  • Pool and Patio Plans
2D Site Plan With Landscape and Swimming Pool

Why Use a 2D Site Plan

2D Site Plans provide a clear overview of the entire property without any distractions - they illustrate the plot  layout perfectly. This makes them ideal for real estate marketing, landscape design, and home improvement projects. Compared to 3D Site Plans, they’re often more technical and can include measurements and labels making them perfect to illustrate important aspects of the property. 2D Site Plans are the best way to understand the layout and flow of a site.

Easily Draw Site Plans

Create 2D Site Plans With Ease

Create 2D Site Plans online with an easy-to-use site plan software like the RoomSketcher App. With RoomSketcher, you can create 2D Site Plans using your computer or tablet. The easy click and drag interface makes drawing a site plan easy to understand and straightforward. No computer drawing experience is necessary. Simply click and drag to draw your property layout, and add plants, landscaping, and outdoor furnishings to your site plan.

Include Measurements, Labels and Room Color to Illustrate Key Areas

Choose if you want to show length and width measurements on your site plan or zone sizes in square feet or square meters. You can also calculate the area of the whole property, just the built-areas, or only the outdoor areas, using our powerful Total Area calculator.

Our high-quality 2D Site Plans are high-resolution and optimized for print and web. Create black and white site plans or color-code areas to illustrate different landscape features such as gardens, grass, walkways, and more!

Types of 2D Site Plans

Choose your style: from black and white to full color 2D, with measurements or without, endless options available with RoomSketcher.

RoomSketcher Site Plan Software 2D Site Plan

Black and White Site Plans

Black and white site plans have a clean, professional look that are perfect for plot plans, home and property appraisals, and applications for building and use permits. You can include the interior floor plan of the buildings on your site plan, or you can show just their footprint depending on what your needs are. Add symbols to your site plans such as a north arrow to indicate the plot orientation and trees and bushes to show planted or wooded areas.

2D site plan

Site Plans With Color

Colors are an excellent way to illustrate zones and landscape features on a 2D Site Plan. You can use different tones of green to indicate gardens or lawns. Use blue to indicate water. Distinguish between different kinds of paths and walkways to indicate which have hardscape and which do not. You can also show landscaping materials such as sand, decking, and paving.

2D Site Plan Examples

Get inspiration and start creating your site plans with a template from our Floor Plan Gallery. Check out some examples below:

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