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Landscape Design Software - Create Stunning Gardens With Ease

Try the easiest landscape design software and create beautiful outdoor designs today.

Landscape design software

Why RoomSketcher Makes Landscape Design Easy

Landscape drawing software

Easiest Landscape Design Software

With RoomSketcher, drawing a landscape is easy. No technical drawing skills required. The app works on Mac and Windows computers, as well as iPad and Android tablets.

Work across devices online landscape software

Work on the Go

All RoomSketcher projects are stored in the cloud and sync across devices - you just sign in to your account on each device. The App also works offline - useful if you travel or work in areas with limited internet. Your projects automatically sync once you are back online, so this solution is preferred for people who work on the go.

Outdoor Furniture

Extensive Product and Symbol Library

With new furniture, fixtures, and materials added on a regular basis, RoomSketcher has you covered. Add pergolas, pools, and plants. All the furniture can be resized easily, and all our new furniture is created using our powerful Replace Materials feature.

Landscape software project presentation

Share and Collaborate

Want to share a project with clients, family, or friends? We automatically create a handy Project Presentation for you for each of your outdoor projects. Simply email the Project Presentation link, or post it on your social media accounts. Your recipients see a beautiful presentation, including floor plans, Live 3D, 3D Photos, and the project furniture. They can even open a copy of your project in RoomSketcher and edit the floor plan themselves.

download and print landscape design

Download and Print to Scale

With the RoomSketcher App, downloading and printing your landscape designs to scale has never been easier. Simply create your design using the intuitive interface, and once you're satisfied with the result, download the file. The app allows you to choose from various file formats, making it compatible with different devices and printers. Once downloaded, you can print your design to scale, ensuring accurate measurements and seamless implementation of your vision.

Help center

Get the Help You Need

At RoomSketcher, we believe that our customers should never feel alone when using our products. That's why we have an in-house customer service team to help you whenever needed. Our team is committed to delivering fast, reliable, and free assistance, whether you have a question about our landscape design software or need help with a technical issue.

We are always just an email away and ready to provide you with the support you need quickly and easily.

Useful Features for Your Landscape Design Ideas

How do I Create a Landscape Layout?

Draw landscape design with software

Step 1: Draw Your Landscape Design

Draw your landscape quickly and easily using the RoomSketcher App on your computer or tablet. Draw garden layouts, lawns, walkways, driveways, parking areas, terraces, and more. Define borders with fences, walls, curbs, and hedges. Customize your layout with different zone colors, materials, and textures.

Outdoor furniture

Step 2: Add Materials and Furnish

Add trees, plants, and bushes. Try different landscape materials such as paving, tiles, pebbles, mulch, and more to find the right materials for your landscape design. Then add outdoor furnishings from the product library, such as pools, planters, furniture, and more.

landscape design tool

Step 3: View Your Landscape Design Idea in 3D

Easily create 3D Photos, 360 Views, and view your design in Live 3D – visualizing your landscape plan in 3D couldn’t be easier. When your landscape design and layout are complete, create high-quality 2D & 3D Site Plans and 3D visualizations – at the click of a button.

Landscape Design Ideas and Templates

Check out more ideas for your outdoor project.

Landscape Design Software Reviews

Landscape Design Software - FAQ

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