Create a Kitchen Desk Area

Create a Kitchen Desk Area

Looking for home office ideas? Create a kitchen desk area. Many of us spend a good part of our day in the kitchen, which can make it the ideal place to locate a home office. Transform an area in your kitchen into a central command post with these simple kitchen desk design tips:

A kitchen desk area can provide the perfect place to keep your busy day and family organized. It can also be a great place to oversee homework or computer time. Make yours fit in beautifully by matching the style and color of your kitchen cabinets.

To create this kitchen desk, we placed a simple white desk in the same finish as the cabinets in the corner. By locating the refrigerator on the opposite side you create a nook, which defines the kitchen desk area. Make sure to select a desk that allows some room to spread out – to compare cookbooks, sort mail and to accomplish small projects. Place a drawer unit below to provide dedicated storage for office supplies. Look for one with a file drawer if you need to store paperwork. A drawer unit on wheels can be pulled out to provide extra surface area when needed.

Place a large pin board above your kitchen desk area for calendars, schedules, notices, family photos and to display artwork. The central location makes it an ideal place for family members to check in on their activities and schedules as well.

Add some shelving or cabinets above the desk area for cookbooks, directories and small storage boxes. In this design, we flipped an Ikea Lack wall shelf on its side to create handy dividers. This is a clever and inexpensive way to keep all the activities that run through your home office organized into sections.

This design idea was created with RoomSketcher Home Designer.

Frankie Elmquist
Frankie Elmquist is an interior architect and our Home Design Specialist. She’s worked around the globe for some of the top design firms in the world and now she brings her expertise to you.

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