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Make Your Presentation Stand Out With Color 3D Floor Plans

Enhance your marketing with custom colors, materials, and textures on your 3D Floor Plans. Check out these 11 ideas for inspiration.

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3D color floor plans
Carolyn White

Create color 3D floor plans that match your brand - for color-cohesive brochures and website presentations. Show off material or paint color options for model homes. Or, choose a neutral, organic look that appeals to today’s home buyers. With a paid RoomSketcher subscription, the options are endless. 

Why 3D Floor Plans is Your Secret Weapon

We talked to Samantha, a Real Estate Sales Representative & Montreal Division Manager about her thoughts on 3D floor plans.

"In today's highly competitive real estate market, grabbing the attention of potential buyers and making your listings stand out is crucial. One fantastic tool that has transformed real estate marketing is the use of 3D floor plans. As an experienced real estate sales representative and the Montreal Division Manager at PreCondo, I've seen firsthand how 3D floor plans can make a significant difference in marketing properties.

In our industry, where looks and being different matter, 3D floor plans have become our secret weapon. They not only make our listings unique but also provide a clear and immersive view that traditional 2D floor plans can't match.

The primary advantage of using 3D floor plans in your real estate marketing is the exceptional visual experience they offer. These plans give potential buyers a realistic, immersive view of the property, helping them visualize the space as if they were there in person. This visual engagement significantly boosts their interest and emotional connection to the property.

To illustrate, recent research by the National Association of Realtors shows that listings with 3D tours get up to 95% more views compared to those without. This statistic alone underscores the significant impact that 3D floor plans can have on your listing's visibility and, ultimately, its marketability."

Floor plans with custom colors are great for designers, real estate agents, and appraisers. To get inspiration, check out these 11 custom 3D profiles created by the RoomSketcher team for our Business subscribers.  Save time by using one of these pre-set styles, or choose your own custom colors and materials for your floor plan projects.

1. Dark Blue Floor Plan

Patterns, textures, and materials make your color 3D floor plans come alive. In this combination, viewers can easily see the lovely hardwood floors, patterned tile bathroom and patio, and soft carpeted bedroom. The dark-blue wall top color clearly shows the room boundaries and is complemented by the light wood floor and contrasting wood doors. In the kitchen, notice the neutral wall paint color and blue cabinetry.

We love how the blue and brown countertops pull the color scheme together. The aesthetic of this floor plan profile is pleasing to the eye and allows the viewer to imagine the possibilities.

color 3d floor plan dark blue

2. 3D Floor Plan With Light Beige Colors

A neutral color scheme is classic and timeless because it works with any style or taste. This light beige and blush color palette feel warm and natural when combined with the wood elements, cream furniture, and green plants. The light-beige wall top color is expansive so the rooms feel larger. Plus, the marble countertops bring a touch of sophistication. Notice the optional touches of pastel aqua to bring a fresh spring vibe to your designs. This is a versatile floor plan design option that works for many presentations. 

Light beige color 3D floor plan

3. Calm Green 3D Floor Plan

The sea glass colors of this floor plan style evoke the calm and soothing feel of a vacation at the beach. The sand-colored wood flooring is a lovely color combination with the aqua wall top color. Light green tile brings a relaxing spa-like feel to the bathroom, while the soft green and gray colors of the furniture bring a feeling of calm to the rest of the rooms.

Gray-green marble countertops and white cabinetry provide a nature-inspired feel to the kitchen decor. Outside, the texture and warm shades of the patio stone are in keeping with the natural, beach vacation feel of this floor plan style. 

calm green 3d color floor plan

4. Black and Beige Floor Plan Combination

This black and beige floor plan style provides a cool and contemporary look, particularly suited to show off modern decor or architecture. The black wall-tops highlight the room layout and go well with the contrast of the natural wood flooring.

Clean white walls open up the space, while sleek black cabinetry and countertops provide a high-end look. The patterned tile in the bathroom works well with the clean lines of the bathroom furniture. This is a great style for presentations to city-dwellers and young professionals.  

3d floor plan black and beige

5. 3D Floor Plan Colors

This 3D color floor plan style, with vibrant colors is a great choice when you want a playful, un-fussy look. We imagine it used for a casual family home, art studio, or perhaps a vacation cottage - the possibilities are endless. The blue of the wall top color is a great alternative to the oft-used black,  and still makes it easy to see the different rooms and spaces.

The light-blue kitchen cabinets allow the appliances, such as the yellow refrigerator, to stand out.  The varied tile and material patterns bring visual interest as do the touches of pink and yellow. Overall, a warm, casual, and fun style for your floor plans.

color 3d floor plan

6. Floor Plan Cool Blue 

Inspired by sand and sea, this floor plan style is a refreshing take on the coastal trend. The cool blues and warm neutrals evoke a casual, relaxed look. The blue-gray wall top color is fresh and interesting and goes well with the sand-colored wood flooring and cement patio.

Crisp, white walls are a clean and expansive choice. We love the furniture palette of cool blue, white and sandy beige with pops of yellow. The white kitchen and bathroom cabinets are fresh and neutral, appealing to a wide variety of tastes and styles.  

cool blue color 3d floor plan

7. Natural 3D Floor Plan

Inspired by the beige shades of wood, sand, and seashells, this natural 3D profile creates soothing, comfortable floor plans. The dark wall top color makes it easy to see the outline of each room due to the contrast with the white walls and light flooring.

Wood furniture and a butcher-block countertop in the kitchen bring a warm, natural glow, while the black appliances stand out. Include lots of house plants to add to the nature-inspired vibe of this floor plan style.

natural 3d color floor plan

8. Dark Green Color 3D Floor Plan

Bring the calming influence of nature to your 3D floor plans with this green color palette with elements of wood and stone. The forest green wall tops are a serene touch and a nice contrast to the light wood flooring and white walls.

We love how the stone patio flooring provides an interesting texture and natural feel. The dark kitchen countertops bring in elements of a walk in the woods. The all-white bathroom is fresh and clean. Add plenty of plants to your floor plans to complete the natural effect of this color palette.   

color 3d floor plan dark green

9. 3D Floor Plan Organic Color Scheme

This soft, soothing monochrome color palette consists of beautiful neutral brown shades in lovely combinations. With warm, organic colors, you get a floor plan with a harmonious, down-to-earth feel. The beige wall tops contrast with the white walls to create a calm and clear view of the room layout.

Light beige and white furniture blend with the light wood floors, while darker beige carpets create the contrast. Interesting darker wood kitchen cabinetry provides a focal point and goes well with the up-to-the-minute black countertops. Touches of wood cabinetry and plants throughout bring an organic feel. This color palette provides clarity with a soft, soothing feel. 

3d floor plan color organic

10. Classic Blue Floor Plan in 3D

With muted blue shades, plus white and earthy tones, this color palette has a bit of a Scandinavian feel, evoking a windswept coast and blue-gray sky.  Just add simple, uncluttered decor to create a tranquil and inviting space. In this 3D color floor plan style, the patterns and textures really stand out, from the intricate bathroom tile to the wood-paneled deck, to the marble tile countertops.

The navy wall-top color is fresh and interesting and the white and wood furniture add to the natural, clean, uncluttered feel. We think this is a sophisticated and fresh floor plan style!

classic blue 3d floor plan color

11. Black Floor Plan Design

Black and white is one of the most popular monochromatic color schemes, where you start with one color and tint it with black or white to create a variety of shades. A black and white color palette is always in style, and works with a variety of decor, from traditional to farmhouse to modern.

On floor plans, the black wall-tops clearly show the layout of the rooms and provide a nice contrast with the light wood flooring. Clean white walls help rooms feel spacious, while sleek black cabinetry and countertops provide a high-end, up-to-the-minute look. Patterns and textures in the flooring and accessories bring that extra je-ne-sais-quoi to your designs.

3D color floor plan black

Enhance Your Real Estate Marketing Today

Are you ready to enhance your real estate marketing with one of these 11 new color 3D Floor Plans? The ability to customize floor plans is a powerful feature available to all RoomSketcher Business subscribers

If you want any of these color styles set up, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, who will be more than happy to help you out. By setting up profiles, you get 3 powerful benefits:

You can even have several different color 3D Floor Plan styles tied to one account.

Take your real estate marketing to the next level today!

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