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Introducing Fire and Evacuation Symbols

Access our newest items in the RoomSketcher product library - exit signs, fire symbols, meeting points, and so much more - over 40 fire and evacuation symbols added.

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Therese Magnus

More Than 40 Fire and Evacuation Symbols

We’re thrilled to share that the RoomSketcher app now includes a popularly requested library update: fire and evacuation symbols. With these internationally standardized symbols, you can create precise evacuation plans. Whether for a corporate building or a hotel, our symbols provide clarity and compliance with safety standards. Visualize fire escape routes, evacuation paths, and emergency exits effectively. Safety first!

Symbols and icons for an evacuation plan

Create a Fire Evacuation Plan

After you have installed the live update, open Furniture mode and choose the Evacuation Plans category. Select a symbol and drag and drop it into your floor plan. Once your plan is complete, generate the 2D Floor Plan—and just like that, you’ve created a professional and safety-conscious fire evacuation plan.

Learn how to create your fire evacuation plan

2D fire evacuation plan in grayscale

How Do I Get the Fire and Evacuation Symbols?

All our new fire and evacuation symbols are available to RoomSketcher Pro and Team subscribers. Simply download the updated furniture library via the pop-up in your app. If you're new, download the app to your device to begin. Once you have the new update, you’ll find the fire symbols in Furniture mode - just open the Evacuation Plans category.

Need help? Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service team. They would love to answer any questions you may have.

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