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5 Reasons Floor Plans Are Important for Home Sales

Are you selling a home? In today’s market, savvy sellers include floor plans with their property listings because, as it turns out, potential buyers really like floor plans.

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A recent study from Zillow suggests that potential buyers are more likely to show interest in a property with a floor plan. Let’s take a closer look at why floor plans for home sales are important.

Top 5 Reasons to Include Floor Plans in Your Listing

Make Your Listing Stand Out

Most buyers scan multiple property listings a day, and you don’t want yours to get lost in a vast sea of competition. Studies show that buyers are more likely to enquire about a property if it includes a professional floor plan.

2D floor plan and 3D floor plan

To make your listing shine, make sure the floor plan is professional, detailed, and correct. It should show each room in the house, as well as each floor of a multi-story property. Be sure to include details such as the location of windows, doors, and stairs.

A floor plan can show interior features such as built-in appliances and cabinetry, and exterior features of the property, like a balcony, garden, shed, or pool. A good floor plan contains measurements, scale, as well as a compass indicating north.

Floor plans in 2D make it easy to see the rooms and the relationship between them. 2D Floor Plans can be in clean and simple black and white, or in color, for example, to highlight room types, such as all the bathrooms in blue and the bedrooms in yellow.

To really make a listing stand out, consider 3D Floor Plans. 3D Floor Plans show details such as the sizes of windows, the paint color on the wall, the potential location of furniture, and more.

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A professional floor plan is an excellent marketing tool that you can use on various platforms and social media channels – or wherever you advertise your property.

Help the Visualization Process

Floor plans not only provide a lot of useful information about a property; they also enhance the imagination and visualization process for potential buyers.

Buyers use floor plans to quickly check whether the property meets their top needs and wishes. They may wonder: Are the bedrooms located near each other? Where are the bathrooms? Will I be able to see into the living room from the kitchen?

It might be difficult for some buyers to piece together real estate photos and text to understand the answers to these types of questions. A floor plan builds a bridge between the pictures and the actual property.

Customize 2D Floor Plans Room Color

With a floor plan, potential buyers can envision how they would decorate, furnish, and live in the property. Whether they visualize their furniture in certain rooms or notice the perfect space for a child’s bedroom, the potential buyer will be more likely to remember the property when the listing includes a floor plan.

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If the home you are selling has a less-than-stellar current layout, you can even provide floor plan options. Make it easy for prospects to see how wonderful the property can be if they, for example, move this wall to expand the Master bedroom, add a larger window, or remove a wall to create more flow.

Get Buyers to Move in, Mentally

The visualization process may also help establish an emotional connection between the property and the potential buyers, allowing them to think of it as “their home.”

With a floor plan at their fingertips, they can answer the key questions in their mind, such as: Is the kitchen large enough to fit our antique dining table? Does the master bedroom have enough space to accommodate our beloved king-size bed?

RoomSketcher High Quality 3D Floor Plans

If potential buyers are making calculations and eliminating guesswork, they can build up an emotional connection before they even visit the property in person. This can be a huge advantage over listings without a floor plan.

Save Time by Finding Serious Buyers

Finding the right home can be a time-consuming task. People interested in buying a property often spend a large amount of time researching listings, checking prices, and going to viewings.

If for example, a potential buyer is looking for a huge south-facing balcony or a spacious dining room for a large dining table, a floor plan can help save precious time.

By viewing a floor plan of the property first, the potential buyer can determine if the place has the potential to fulfill their wishes.

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A professional floor plan will not only help you avoid wasting time; it may even speed up your sales process. By sorting out the unqualified buyers, the floor plan helps narrow the visitors to a much more targeted group, creating a competitive situation where a buyer is more likely to make an offer.

Buyers Love Floor Plans

Still not convinced? Take a look at these stats.

Get Started

As you’ve seen, floor plans for home sales are crucial and including floor plans with a listing provides benefits to both the buyer and seller. Are you ready for professional 2D and 3D Floor Plans perfect for real estate needs?

With the easy-to-use RoomSketcher App, you can draw a floor plan in minutes. You can also order professional high-quality floor plans from us, ready the next business day.

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