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How to Create Sloped Ceilings

One of the coolest new features in the recent RoomSketcher release is sloped ceilings. Now you can create projects with sloped or cathedral ceilings as well as many other styles. Here is a video as well as our favorite sloped ceiling hints and tips to get you started fast.

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Trine Bretteville

About Sloped Ceilings

Sloped Ceilings are created using Ceiling Heights. By setting some ceiling heights higher, and some lower, RoomSketcher will create a sloped ceiling between the two points.

Sloping Ceiling Example Bar

Setting Ceiling Heights

You set ceiling heights while in Walls mode. Simply click to select a Wall (or Divider), then click Advanced Properties. In Ceiling Height, type the height for the ceiling at that location.

Setting ceiling heights
Ceiling Height Same where walls connect

Viewing Sloped Ceilings

To see your sloped ceilings, use the camera to take snapshots either inside or outside of a building.

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