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Latest Bathroom Trends

Want a first-hand look at the latest bathroom trends? We’ll show you the top six bathroom trends, some of the best new fixtures, and how you can use them in your bathroom.

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Bohemian bathroom design with freestanding concrete bathrub
Trine Bretteville

1. Freestanding Tubs

No longer a wallflower – freestanding tubs take center stage! New composite technologies have created tub shells that are stronger, more fluid and slip-resistant when wet – so cool! Almost every bath company is adding freestanding tubs to their product lines. There are sculptural shapes abound to choose from. Each designed to create a perfect centerpiece for your bathroom.

5 Modern Bathroom 3D Photo
Freestanding tubs are popular across many different bathroom styles, be that contemporary, industrial or transitional

2. Wall-mounted and Curving Bathroom Vanities

Visually lighter and practical, wall-mounted vanities continue to be a popular bathroom trend. New ceramic and casting technologies have made both basin and countertop profiles thinner and lighter. Clean minimal rectilinear designs are still very popular and new gentle curving profiles round out your options. Wood finishes on vanity cabinets and matching mirror frames add a nice warm touch.

RoomSketcher bathroom ideas bath design wall hung vanity through sink

3. Marble Finishes

Classic and elegant, marble finishes give the latest bathroom designs a luxurious look and feel. To avoid the maintenance of real marble, opt for marble look alikes – tiles, countertops and finishes that emulate marble but are much easier to keep clean and pristine.

Modern Bathroom Design Freestanding Bathtub Wide

4. Balance Openness and Privacy

Interior designers have long focused on making sure the toilet is not the first thing you see when you open the door to the bathroom. The latest trend, however, is that the toilet moves into a separate nook or even a separate room. Separated from the rest of the bathroom with a wall or frosted doors to give even more privacy.

RoomSketcher Modern Bathroom 3D Photo Blue Grey Tiles

5. Add Some Green

Decorate with luscious plants – go all in to create a tropical bathroom style or just add a few plants for some extra life. Lots of plants thrive in the hot, damp conditions of a bathroom. Just make sure you cater to the lighting needs of the plant.

RoomSketcher Bali Bathroom With Tub

6. Mix and Match Different Styles

Blend the traditional with the contemporary and create your very own bathroom style. Better known as the transitional bathroom style, mixing the old with the new is currently one of the most popular bathroom styles around. To succeed, make sure to choose one or two features as focus points and keep everything else clean and simple. For example, choose a furniture-style vanity and pair it with a clean and simple mirror.

"One bathroom trend I'm really excited about is the use of mix-and-match tiles, especially on walls. Mixing textures and patterns with flat tiles creates an intriguing focal point that looks great no matter the size of your bathroom. My favorite thing about this trend is that it makes your bathroom look decorated without having to rely on wall art or other traditional decorations, which is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist approach."

Todd Saunders, Flooring Stores
RoomSketcher Transitional Bathroom White

Try These Trends in Your Bathroom

Want to try these bathroom trends in your own bathroom? Create your bathroom floor plan online. Start designing today - create your free account.

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