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RoomSketcher Live 3D

We are excited to announce our most significant update ever for Live 3D. We’ve added heaps of new features that will speed up your design activities, help you collaborate with others, and improve your marketing!

  • Design ideas come to life instantly
  • Share room designs and options with others
  • Create better 3D Photos – faster!

Now, more than ever, RoomSketcher and Live 3D are your perfect design partners, helping you create affordable, interactive home and room visualizations. Great for:

  • Interior designers
  • New and manufactured home sales
  • Personal users planning a new home or remodel
  • Kitchen and bath design and construction

…. and more!

Take a Look at What You Can Do With Live 3D

Design Ideas Come to Life Instantly

Now you can place the RoomSketcher App and Live 3D next to each other on your computer screen. Draw and create in the RoomSketcher App, and watch your ideas appear right before your eyes in Live 3D.

Live 3D

Live 3D has two powerful modes, each with cool benefits:

Flyover mode is excellent for seeing an overview of the entire floor plan. This mode lets you see the building in 3D while you draw or move walls and add windows and doors. You’ll see the results right away, so you can fine-tune placement, style, and more. Fast and easy!

Live 3D Flyover mode

Camera mode is perfect for your interior design needs. You’ll see your ideas, right inside the room, in an instant. It’s as if you are there in the building, waving a magic wand to change fabric, update a wall color, add new flooring, or move furniture without lifting a finger! Imagine all the things you can visualize: design a new kitchen, paint or tile a wall, add or move furniture and appliances, try out accessories or lighting styles.

Live 3D Camera mode

Easy navigation – on your Mac or PC, it’s super easy to navigate Live 3D. Use the onscreen buttons, your keyboard arrow keys, or drag with your mouse. On a tablet, just tap or drag your finger. Our top tips:

  • In Flyover mode, tilt and rotate the floor plan to see every feature, inside and out.
  • In Camera mode, zoom in and out to see every detail and position the camera for the perfect image.

Share Room Designs and Options With Others

You know the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It really holds true in design, especially when communicating your ideas to others. With Live 3D, you can create a room with someone (perhaps a client, friend, or partner) sitting right next to you, collaborating on the design.

View and discuss what the kitchen would look like with shaker style cabinets versus flat-front. Try out some interesting color schemes – a serenity blue or black kitchen island, perhaps?

Live 3D

Demonstrate how different flooring changes the look of the room. Everyone can see the results and immediately give their feedback.

Live 3D

If the people you want to collaborate with are not local, or can’t be next to you for any reason, no problem! One option is to use Zoom or another video conferencing platform to share your screen. Another option is to share the project with anyone you’d like. With a RoomSketcher Pro subscription, you can enable Share Live 3D from within the RoomSketcher App. Then, any recipient can open your project in the RoomSketcher App and experience for themselves how amazing it is in Live 3D.

Create Better 3D Photos – Faster

Live 3D’s Camera mode shows you the view from the camera in the RoomSketcher App. And guess what? Live 3D, and the RoomSketcher camera stay in sync! As you navigate in Live 3D, the RoomSketcher camera follows along, and vice versa. What does this mean for you? Easier and better 3D Photos. Check it out:

  • As you look around a room in Live 3D and think, “this is a perfect photo,” the RoomSketcher camera is ready – its field of view, pitch, elevation, and rotation match what you are seeing. No more camera guesswork and you get the perfect photo in record time! Just snap the shot in the RoomSketcher App.
  • In Live 3D’s Camera mode, we’ve even added a handy menu item – “Snapshot Size 4:3” – that allows you to precisely see the size of the snapshot before taking the shot.

RoomSketcher Live 3D

Live 3D

Get Live 3D Today

Are you ready to improve your designs and speed up your work? To collaborate with others? To take perfect 3D Photos? Get Live 3D today!

Live 3D comes standard for RoomSketcher VIP and Pro subscribers. Just make sure to download the latest RoomSketcher App on your Mac, Windows computer, or tablet.

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