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Customize Your 2D Floor Plans

2D Floor Plans are trending this year. If you’ve looked at an online real estate listing, an office floor plan, or an interior design service, you’ve probably seen one or more 2D floor plans as part of the package.

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Customize Your 2D Floor Plans With RoomSketcher
Carolyn White

People love customized 2D floor plans, and with apps like RoomSketcher, professional 2D floor plans are easy for anyone to create.

Customize 2D Floor Plans Room Color

At RoomSketcher, we are passionate about floor plans. Today, we’re excited to highlight the beautiful, high-quality floor plans that our paid subscribers can create. With unlimited colors, lots of flooring and furniture choices, the ability to add your logo, symbols, custom text, and more – the options are virtually endless. Read on to get inspiration for your next floor plan!

Use Color to Communicate Key Rooms

In the real estate and home building areas, buyers want to quickly understand the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, and where they are located. When you transition from black & white to colored floor plans, the key rooms stand out and the layout of the property is easy to understand at a glance.

Customize 2D Floor Plan Colors or Black and White

Traditionally, it’s been bathrooms and bedrooms that were the focus. People are spending a lot more time at home, and you may want to highlight the possibilities for a home office, a gym, or a play space for children. With RoomSketcher, you can pick which rooms get which floor color, this lets you decide what to emphasize for each and every property.

Highlight the Flooring Options

Your floor plan viewers don’t have to just imagine the flooring for the property. Homebuilders and interior designers can use 2D floor plans to demonstrate different flooring color schemes. Here’s a 2D floor plan showing a light color scheme with a hardwood floor in the main living areas, cream carpet in the bedrooms, and blue bath tiles.

4 Bedroom with Garage Materials Light Floor 2D Floor Plan

And here’s the same floor plan showing a darker hardwood floor color with the grain in a different direction. You can also see the blue carpet for the bedrooms, grey bathroom tile, and a redwood deck. Which color scheme do you prefer?

4 Bedroom with Garage Materials Dark Floor 2D Floor Plan

Show or Hide Furniture to Suit Your Floor Plan Needs

Depending on your goals, you may want to show or hide furniture on a floor plan, and RoomSketcher gives you lots of options. With just a click, your floor plan can be generated with all the furniture, with just fixed installations such as built-in appliances, or with no furniture at all.

The customization options don’t stop there. You can set a fill color or outline color for the furniture, and even choose a different color for kitchen items vs furniture items if the difference is something you want to highlight. The bottom line – you have lots of possibilities to customize the furniture just to your liking. Take a look at some examples:

2D Floor Plan show fixed installations appliances
Show only fixed installations/appliances
2D floor plan Show all furniture with blue fill color for kitchen
Show all furniture – with blue fill color for kitchen
Show all furniture and fixed installations with blue fill 2D floor plan
Show all furniture and fixed installations with blue fill

Provide Classic Black and White Floor Plans

Black & white floor plans are classic for a reason. They are the perfect choice for a lot of uses. With RoomSketcher, you can customize your black & white floor plans to showcase whatever is most important to your floor plan viewers.

Maybe you want to generate a clean and simple version of your floor plan, just containing room names and sizes, as we show below on the left. In RoomSketcher, just a click lets you show or hide furniture when you generate the floor plan.

Black and white 2D floor plans

Want to highlight the built-in or fixed appliances in the project, as shown in the center image? Easy. Just click the option and generate the floor plan again. Or show a possible full furniture layout, like the floor plan above right.

Are measurements important, perhaps for a home survey or interior design? You have lots of possibilities, from the area of the rooms to wall lengths, to the total area of the property, in both meters or feet/inches. Here are two samples of the many options.

2d floor plans Black white with Measurements

Add Your Logo, Company Branding Colors, and Custom Text

Keep your branding consistent across floor plans, whether it’s just you drawing the plans, a whole team at your company, or if RoomSketcher Floor Plan services are drawing for you. You can upload your company logo, add custom disclaimer text, and even choose custom colors. This way, your generated floor plans always match your branding and are consistent across all your marketing pieces.

Floorplan letterhead branded

Provide Those Extra Helpful Details

Sometimes those small details can make your floor plans stand out and be extra useful to your clients. That’s why RoomSketcher provides lots of options. Place an arrow to highlight the entrance. Add a compass to show North, South, East, and West. To provide more details for a listing you can include any custom text. Add a special measurement line or measuring tape, a wheelchair circle, the total area of the floor plan, and more.

2d floor plan Office Guideline Colored Helenora

Use a Colored Background for Stand-Out 2D Floor Plans

Now you can set a custom background color on your 2D Floor Plans Letterhead. Setting up the Letterhead, or items that print around your floor plan, allows you to create print-ready brochures and marketing pieces that contain all the extra information you want to provide. With custom background colors, you have even more possibilities to match your company style and make your floor plans stand out.

Project letterhead 22 Seaview 2D Floor Plan blue

Overlay Images with New Transparent 2D Floor Plan Backgrounds

You’ve asked for it and it’s here – 2D Floor Plans with transparent background. Choose transparency for rooms, the furniture, even the background around the floor plan. This gives you lots of creative ways to produce sleek and modern marketing presentations. When you place images on top of each other, the lower image or color shows through the transparent portions of the upper image!

Floor plans with transparent backgrounds look great on your website, prospects, and other marketing materials. Here, we’ve placed a transparent floor plan on top of a project photo. Super cool! What will you do with this feature?

2d floor plan with transparent background

Show an Entire Property Layout

As people spend more time at home, the size and possibilities for the yard have become an important factor for home buyers. While photos are good, however, you can get a much better view of the entire property through a 2D floor plan. With RoomSketcher, you can draw up complete site plans complete with lawn, entertaining areas, pools, and more.

RoomSketcher Site Plan Software 2D Site Plan

Endless Options

Whether you work in real estate, interior design, construction, facilities planning, or any industry that uses floor plans, it’s important to have options to create the best floor plans for your needs. RoomSketcher paid subscribers have virtually endless ways to customize floor plans. With options to create an eye-catching color scheme to make your floor plans stand out, including important measurements and helpers, or using the new colored and transparent backgrounds feature to create stand-out marketing pieces, RoomSketcher has you covered.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to customize your 2D Floor Plans? With a paid RoomSketcher subscription, you can draw and customize floor plans yourself.

Or, order from RoomSketcher Floor Plans Services. Simply upload a blueprint or sketch of your floor plan and an expert illustrator will create your floor plans for you. Ready the next business day.

Do you need a lot of floor plans? We handle high volumes every day! Contact us to discuss how we can help you grow your business.

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