Introducing High-Res 3D Photos & 360 Views

Introducing High Res 3D Photos and 360 Views

Introducing high-resolution 3D Photos and our all-new RoomSketcher 360. Create beautiful 360 Views – at the click of a button! Check out these fantastic ways to view and showcase your projects in 3D.

High-Resolution 3D Photos

Many of you have asked for higher resolution 3D Photos. Now you get them with RoomSketcher Pro! Create stunning, print-quality 3D Photos that are 2000 x 1500 pixels. Perfect for large-scale presentations, printed materials and more. Check it out:

Kitchen high-res

Learn more about 3D Photos.

RoomSketcher 360

We’ve retired our Home360 feature and replaced it with our all-new RoomSketcher 360. With RoomSketcher 360, you can make beautiful 360 Views of your projects at the click of a button.

View them with our new HTML5 viewer – it’s awesome! Plus, our Pro subscribers now get high-resolution 360 Views which are 2000 x 2000 pixels. They are bigger, better and sharper. Check this out, it’s so cool (go to full screen for the full effect):

RoomSketcher 360 plays across all devices – Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and is super-easy to share and embed. Add these awesome 360 Views to your website, listings, presentations, and more!

Learn more about RoomSketcher 360.

Try them today

Upgrade to Pro and try out these exciting new high-resolution features today! Already a Pro? Open your project, take a Snapshot and create a stunning new 3D Photo or 360 View.

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