Use RoomSketcher in Your School to Teach and Inspire

Teacher uses RoomSketcher

Teachers know first-hand how difficult it is to get their students focused, engaged, and having fun while they learn. Especially in challenging subjects like math and science.

Well, the RoomSketcher App can help! School teachers across the world – from elementary to secondary school – use it to provide a hands-on learning experience and bring the curriculum to life.

RoomSketcher in School

Why Use RoomSketcher in Your School?

We think there’s a bunch of great reasons to start using the RoomSketcher App in your school:

  • Fun and Engaging:We understand theoretical learning is essential. But practical exercises are so much more fun and help your pupils apply their newfound skills.
  • Quick and Easy:The RoomSketcher App is easy to install, runs super fast on standard school IT equipment, and most importantly, it’s extremely intuitive and easy to use. You’ll be surprised at how fast your students pick it up.
  • Useful:With RoomSketcher, you’re actually teaching a real-world skill. Something that your students can use again and again in their lives. You may even inspire a future career in architecture or interior design!
  • Creative:Whether it’s art, Lego, or even Minecraft, children love being creative. RoomSketcher will get their creative juices flowing and fill them with enthusiasm.
  • Secure:To ensure the security and safety of your pupils you can use the RoomSketcher App offline if required.

Use RoomSketcher in school

RoomSketcher School

What Can You Teach With RoomSketcher?

RoomSketcher can be used to provide practical learning in a range of different subjects. From math and design to art and technology.

A typical assignment could be to measure a classroom or school building. Students could then create a digital floor plan using the RoomSketcher App. They’ll learn about decimal numbers, how to calculate area, and perimeters.

Students can instantly switch between measurement units and see for themselves the difference between feet/inches and meters/centimeters.

By measuring the height of the ceiling, students could even work out the volume of the room.

Alternatively, let their creativity run wild by assigning a project to create their dream home or a new student lounge using the RoomSketcher App.

Black and white 2D house plan with total area

RoomSketcher can also be used by interior design students. It allows them to change furniture layouts, use different color combinations, and even decorate the room.

RoomSketcher for students

Students can visualize the finished design with a beautiful 3D floor plan or virtual 3D photo.

Please note, standard snapshots are free, but to get the stunning 3D photos seen below you’ll need to have a subscription.

Live 3D

How To Get Started With RoomSketcher

We’ve covered a couple of ideas that really only just scratch the surface of how you can use RoomSketcher in your school.

If you’re a teacher, we suggest you create a free RoomSketcher account now and check out how easy it is to use the RoomSketcher App.

Study curriculums vary between countries, age groups, and subjects. You’ll know best how to use RoomSketcher in your specific classroom. Have a look and discover what’s possible!

We absolutely love it when schools use RoomSketcher to teach and inspire. If you need any assistance, please feel free to get in touch, and we’ll do our very best to help you integrate RoomSketcher into your lesson plan.

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