Property Photographers Earn More with 3D Floor Plans

Kay Myrstrand, a successful property photographer, was looking for ways to increase his revenue and to differentiate his property photography business from the competition. Then a family member suggested 3D floor plans.

” I hadn’t even considered offering floor plans until one day my father saw an article about 2D and 3D Floor Plans from RoomSketcher and suggested I try them out,” says Myrstrand. And he hasn’t looked back since. Today, 2D and 3D Floor Plans are an essential part of his property photography package and an important contributor to his annual revenue.

Kay Myrstrand
I use RoomSketcher for all my 3D illustrations, and this alone accounts for almost 30% of my annual revenue as a professional property photographer.
Kay Myrstrand, Fokus Foto, Property Photographer

Floor Plans are an essential component of property marketing. Consumers want floor plans, and studies have shown that they are more likely to ignore a listing without one. Because of this, an increasing number of estate agents are requesting them from their property photography providers.

To meet the demand, savvy property photographers like Kay are turning to RoomSketcher to add professional 2D and 3D Floor Plans to their services. RoomSketcher has developed its floor plan technology to provide an easy and affordable solution targeted to meet the needs of estate agents and property photographers.

Stand Out with 3D Floor Plans
RoomSketcher offers professional property photographers and estate agents an easy way to create professional floor plans. The unique technology they have developed lets you quickly draw up your floor plan in 2D using their floor plan app and then transform it into a 3D Floor Plan at the click of a button. This eliminates having to draw floor plans twice or to learn complicated 3D software. Their state-of-the-art rendering creates an beautiful, high-quality 3D Floor Plan in just about 15 minutes.

Trine Bretteville
RoomSketcher continues to innovate and with our all-new floor plan app, it’s even easier and faster to create professional floor plans.
Trine Bretteville, Sales and Marketing Director, RoomSketcher

Save Time
Worried that adding floor plans to your offering will add valuable time to your on-site visit? It will, but at the same time it offers you the chance to charge more as well. If the seller has an existing floor plan, you can snap a photo of it with your phone and place your order with RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services, right on-site. Alternatively, grab your tablet, and start drawing your floor plan, right in the app. When you are back at the office or at home, you can keep working on the floor plan on your computer. With a bit of practice, drawing on your tablet is as fast as drawing on paper.

Easy Editing
Save time by ordering floor plans through RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services. Once you get your floor plan back, make your changes and re-generate the floor plan. No need for a back and forth with the illustrators. For anyone that has had to wait for their floor plans to be re-drawn this is a game changer, saving you time, effort and money.

Professional and High-Quality
Real estate photography is one of the most competitive industries in the world. In addition to great photography, floor plans are an essential component for selling a property. Modern technology means that it’s easy for a property photographer to create professional floor plans, complete with their logo and disclaimer text. The finished floor plan can be downloaded as high-res JPG, PDF or PNG. Perfect for real estate websites, social media posts, and printed marketing material.

RoomSketcher Feature Professional Floor Plan Letterhead

Make 3D Floor Plans part of your property photography services and start earning more revenue today! Learn more about using RoomSketcher for Real Estate Photography.

James Bellini
RoomSketcher is brilliant – the professional quality floor plans I have created have improved our property advertising immensely.
James Bellini, James Griffin Lettings Ltd, United Kingdom

Create floor plans, home design and office projects online. Draw yourself or let us draw for you. With RoomSketcher it's easy to get a professional result.

Create floor plans, home designs and office projects online

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Draw yourself or let us draw for you. With RoomSketcher it's easy to get a professional result.

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