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3D Floor Plans & Property Photography - a Winning Combination!

For property photographers it can be hard to make your services stand out from the competition. What else can be done while on-site conducting a photoshoot to earn extra revenue and provide better value to your Real Estate clients?

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RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plans
Trine Bretteville

The answer is simple – take a few moments to complete a floor plan sketch of the property, then upload to RoomSketcher to create stunning 3D Floor Plans!

“The combination of professional photography and 3D Floor Plans work perfectly to provide a true visualization of a property”

– Stig Førland, Property Photographer and Owner of Fotografen Kommer in Norway

The Benefits of 3D Floor Plans

RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plans are easy to produce, you can let us draw for you, and you get instant corrections that are replicated across all outputs and you can integrate your own company branding.

Take a look at these 3D Floor Plans, for example, enabling potential buyers to see the full layout of the property and offering a true representation of the space and opportunities available.

You may think it takes a long time to produce such professional-looking floor plans – not true! Once the blueprint or sketch of the floor plan is drawn, the rest is just a few clicks.

So… the next time you’re on-site with a client completing a photography session, why not take a few minutes to draw a sketch or mark up a blueprint of the property.  Here are three simple steps we recommend to follow:

  1. Draw on grid paper– and use clear symbols
  2. Write clearly – including room names, level names, etc.
  3. Indicate a measurement on the floor plan – e.g. measurement of the longest wall

See our Floor Plan Blueprint Guide for more information and assistance.

Then order your floor plans from RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services!

RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services

With RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services you can order professional 2D and 3D Floor Plans online from our expert illustrators.

Simply upload your sketch or blueprint from a desktop or laptop computer. OR you can even upload a picture from your mobile! Then decide if you want your floor plans to be furnished or unfurnished.

Floor plan orders are delivered the next business day. You will receive an email notification when they are ready so you can forward the Floor Plans on email to your Real Estate client – easy!

Share Live 3D Floor Plans

Live 3D Floor Plans really take property visualizations to the next level. With Live 3D users can navigate projects as if they are touring an actual property – walking from room to room, turning around, stepping closer or farther away.

You also receive a Live 3D link allowing users to experience your floor plan designs in Live 3D, plus make changes and customizations to their copy of the floor plans, using RoomSketcher’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Therefore why not take your order one step further with just a single click to create Live 3D Floor Plans?  Simply select ‘Share Live 3D Floor Plans’ and you will receive a link – enabling potential homebuyers to visualize the space while contributing to the success of your real estate agent.

And the best part, it’s all online and free to use for the homebuyer!

Get Started

Earn extra revenue and stand out from the crowd with stunning Live 3D Floor Plans from RoomSketcher – the perfect extension to your product portfolio! Get started producing your floor plans today with RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services

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