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Real Estate Photographer

RoomSketcher helps real estate photographers impress their customers with professional 2D and 3D Floor Plans. Deliver a complete package and earn more money per transaction.

Matyas Frydrych 2

“I use RoomSketcher to draw floor plans for my real estate clients as a part of my photo and video production. Thanks to that I can provide them with additional service so they do not have to look elsewhere. It is easy to use and has probably the most friendly subscription / credit politics compared to the competitors.”

Matyas Frydrych

Real Estate Photographer, DoubleM

RoomSketcher 2D and 3D Real Estate Floor Plans

Present to Impress

With RoomSketcher you get professional 2D Floor Plans, and beautiful 3D Floor Plans. Customize with colors and branding. See stunning details and realistic reflections with the high-res rendering. Your customers will definitely be impressed!

RoomSketcher 2D Floor Plans Online Print

Win More Jobs

Deliver a complete marketing package by adding floor plans to your services. Complement your real estate photography with floor plan presentations. Many customers require floor plans as part of the property listing, and with RoomSketcher we have got you covered.

RoomSketcher Custom 3D Floor Plan Branding

Digital Floor Plans Provide Everyday Efficiency

Our flexible solution provides the tools you need to succeed. Draw yourself on your computer or tablet, or draw on paper and snap a photo of the sketch and send us the order, right from your phone. The best part: if you need to update a room name or move a door, just open the plan, make your change and export the updated plan - no redrawing necessary.

Favorite Photographer Features

The RoomSketcher App is packed with professional features developed specifically for Real Estate Photographers. Here are some of our customers’ favorites:

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