How to Create Half Walls in RoomSketcher


Have you been looking for a way to create a half wall or a dividing wall in RoomSketcher, and not quite figured out how to do it? Well, we’re here to help, giving you step by step explanations of how to create this type of wall!

Half walls can easily be created in RoomSketcher, either by customizing items from the furniture library, or by creatively adjusting different wall types.
Option 1: Create a Half Wall Using Building Block
You can easily create a half wall in RoomSketcher by using building blocks, here’s how to do it:

  1. In Furniture mode, search for Building Block
  2. Choose the Building Block with your preferred finish and drag and drop it into your floor plan
  3. Right click on the Building Block and click on Properties
  4. In Properties, change the dimensions of the Building Block to suit the size you want your half wall to be
  5. Drag the Building Block into place where you want your half wall to be

And there you have it, a super easy way to create a half wall!


Option 2A: Create a Half Wall Using Divider Drawing Tool
If you want a more customizable half wall, you can follow the steps below where we you use the Divider drawing tool.

  1. In Walls mode, choose the Divider drawing tool
  2. Use divider lines to draw the outline of your half wall
  3. Right click in the zone you just created and click Properties
  4. In Properties, click on the Advanced tab and in Floor Height, put in the height you want your half wall to have

You have now successfully created a customizable half wall!


Option 2B: Custom Material on Your Half Wall
If you want to have a custom material on this wall, this is possible by following these simple steps:

  1. In Walls mode, right click in the room and click Properties
  2. In Properties, click on the arrow next to Wall Material
  3. In the Materials window, choose the material you want on your half wall and finish by clicking OK
  4. Click on one of the room walls, and in Properties, choose the wall material you want the room walls to have. Repeat this on all of the walls

Your have now created a half wall with separate materials, and if you want to change the color of the wall at any point, this is easily done by following the first three steps of the above explanation!


So there you have it, two different ways of creating half walls in RoomSketcher! Be sure to share your projects with us, showing off your design with half walls, we love to see all the wonderful things you create!

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