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8 Reasons to Use RoomSketcher Along With Matterport

3D virtual tours from Matterport are generating plenty of buzz in the real estate world. With Matterport, you walk a property with a Matterport camera, or your iPhone/iPad, and create a really cool virtual tour. But what if the property has old furniture, peeling or marred paint, or a poor floor plan layout? We have good news for you: you can use digital floor plan software like RoomSketcher to supplement and update what you get from Matterport.

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Matterport copyright Camerajabber
Trine Bretteville

What is Matterport?

Matterport has made it easy to create a real-life 3D virtual tour of the real estate property. Your tour will show the existing features of the property, such as the walls, flooring, wall color, furniture, etc. Your resulting Matterport Space (also called a 3D Tour or Digital Twin) will look something like this:

Matterport 27 west street

In addition to the tour, you can purchase a schematic floor plan of the property as it is. The standard 2D floor plan is black & white with room dimensions and approximate total area, like this one from the Matterport website:

Original floor plan Matterport

How Can I use RoomSketcher with Matterport?

What if the home is in need of a renovation? Or if you want to visualize a different floor plan layout? With floor plan software like RoomSketcher, you can actually take the floor plan you get from Matterport and edit it yourself to suit your client's needs.

Check out these 8 benefits of using RoomSketcher along with a Matterport space when marketing your real estate property:

1. Use Color to Make Your 2D Floor Plans Stand Out

Go from the plain Matterport black & white floor plan to easy-to-understand Customized 2D Floor Plans.  Some of our favorite ideas:

Take this plain black & white floor plan…

Black and white Matterport floor plan

… and add flooring! Choose from varying shades of hardwood, tile, cement, and more.

2D floor plan with materials

Or, easily indicate room types by setting all similar type rooms the same color.

2D floor plan with colors

2. Create Beautiful 3D Floor Plans

Color looks great on 3D Floor Plans as well. Add furniture in any color or style you want, color the walls, change out the flooring. Customize your 3D Floor Plan to get the exact look you want. Some of our favorite ideas:

3D Floor Plan with orange color scheme

3. Add, Change or Move Furniture on Your Floor Plans

Matterport’s standard 2D floor plan schematics show walls and standard built-in features. This is great, but it can be difficult for buyers to visualize the potential of the property. Help them out by adding furniture, fixtures, appliances, and much more.

Go from this black and white floor plan…

2D floor plan with labels

To professional 2D and 3D Floor Plans with furniture in any custom layout you choose.

2d floor plan and 3d floor plan

Matterport’s standard 3D Floor Plans include furniture. But maybe you want to show a 3D Floor Plan with a different furniture layout. Or maybe you want to have a 3D Floor Plan with no furniture?

Unfurnished 3d floor plan
Fully furnished 3D floor plan

4. Annotate, Annotate, Annotate

Want to add room names, room sizes, labels, notes, disclaimer texts, and more onto your floor plans? Take your floor plan and annotate it. Add labels and notes in any language you want, in any color you want.

2D floor plan with green wall top color

5. Match Your Branding

Create professional brochures and handouts with your logo and brand colors. Here’s an example 3D Floor Plan with the logo in the top left, and with green and white furniture to match the branding. Very stylish, and lets you create floor plans that stand out from the crowd.

Arden branded 3d floor plan

Here’s a 2D Floor Plan with the blue logo in the top left, blue and white colors throughout, and a customizable disclaimer text at the bottom.

Custom 2D floor plan branded

Some floor plan software even lets you have separate styles for separate clients! If you need this feature, make sure it’s all automatically controlled, so your clients get the right look every time.

6. It’s All About Measurements

Buyers love measurements on floor plans. Use units that are appropriate to the market you are in, be that meters, feet, or both. Then, choose to display a variety of measurements. Don’t overdo it! Too many measurements can end up confusing the buyer, instead of helping them out. RoomSketcher offers several options:

Let’s take a look at some cool measurement options:

Total area

The total area of a project is automatically calculated for you – you can even choose to include or remove certain rooms (like a garage or patio) from the calculation.

2D floor plan black and white with measurements

Wall measurements

Show inside wall measurements with the click of a button. Wall lengths are automatically calculated for you and you can adjust the location of the arrow or text.

2D floor plan with measurements

Show outside wall measurements, also at the click of a button:

Measurement Wizards Outside Wall Measurements 2D Floor Plan

Room dimensions

Or show the room dimensions, size in meters, or feet (or both!):

2d floor plan with dimensions black and white

7. Save Time: Make Your Own Edits

Did your client call to say they want to have the door to the storage room closed on the floor plan? Did you label a room as “Office” when your client would prefer “Bedroom”? These, and so many more, are changes that we see every single day.

With RoomSketcher, you just open the project on your computer or tablet, make the change, and then re-export the finished floor plan. You don’t need to describe the change and wait for it to be fixed by someone else, in just minutes you’ll have your updated floor plan off to your client for quick approval.

8. Alternative Floor Plan Layouts

Are you selling a property that has an outdated floor plan layout? The Matterport scan shows the property exactly as is. But styles and trends shift, moving from open layouts to more enclosed layouts, and back again. If you are marketing a property that has an out-of-fashion layout, you might want to create an alternative floor plan to visualize its potential.

This floor plan shows an enclosed kitchen, plus a bedroom with a separate nursery or walk-in closet.

2D floor plan

This version of the same floor plan shows an open kitchen, plus a larger bedroom. In RoomSketcher, this type of change is super easy to achieve in seconds. Simply make a copy of a floor plan and click to remove select walls.

RoomSketcher 2D Floor Plan

For even more powerful visualization, export your floor plan as an impressive 3D Floor Plan complete with furniture, like this:

3D floor plan RoomSketcher

Try It Yourself

Ready to try it out for yourself? You can import a floor plan (whether created in Matterport, or drawn by hand) into the RoomSketcher App and quickly trace over it to recreate it. Or, order a floor plan from our Floor Plan Services and use the Matterport scan as a blueprint.

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