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10 Ways Floor Plans Can Improve Your Home Move

Planning a move to a new home? We all know that a home move can be stressful. However, with a little planning and the right tools, you can improve your home move and reduce the likelihood of things going awry.

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10 Ways to Improve a Home Move with Floor Plans
Carolyn White

One of the best ways to plan a move is with a floor plan. A floor plan of your new home will help you to get familiar with its layout and also to see all it’s potential. Think of your floor plan as a map, to help you plan and organize your move.

Let’s see how you can use a floor plan for planning your home move. In fact, floor plans are so useful that there are 10 different ways they can help you to get organized and to ensure that your move will be a good one.

1. Know What Fits

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home only to discover that your furniture does not fit. Whether you need to verify that your furniture will fit in the elevator, the door, or in the room it’s destined for, a floor plan can help. Lay out and plan where your furniture will go – before you move.

Plan a Home Move with RoomSketcher Home Designer 3D Floor Plans

This will save you from moving items that won’t fit and headaches when you arrive. Plus, it’s fun! Figure out where things will go and visualize the design of your new home.

2. Ordering New Furniture

Not only will your floor plan help you to know which of the existing furniture items can go with you but, it can also help you with ordering any new furniture you might need. This is especially helpful if you need to order new beds or storage units in order to unpack and move in comfortably.

RoomSketcher 2D Floor Plans Features Real Products and Furniture

3. Organize Your Packing

Once you know where things will go, you have your floor plan “map”. Use it to organize your packing. Group, pack, and label your things according to where they will go. This will make unpacking much easier when you arrive.

4 Bedroom with Garage Materials Light Floor 2D Floor Plan

4. Set Up Your Utilities

Use your floor plan to figure out where your basic utilities such as phone and cable will (or can) go. Lay out where you want phones, televisions, stereos, computers, etc… If you need additional cable or power outlets anywhere, arrange to have them added ahead of time. Pick up any extra cords and equipment you may need and pack it in with your electronics. This will make setting up your systems much easier when you arrive.

Top RoomSketcher Tip!

Don’t forget to have your utilities activated on your scheduled moving day, so they are ready to go when you arrive. Click here for more moving tips!

5. Plan Your Paint Colors

It’s always helpful to have any painting done before you arrive. However, it can be hard to visualize what paint colors to use ahead of time, but with RoomSketcher it’s easy! The virtual camera lets you take a snapshot of any room in your floor plan. Try and compare different paint colors and find the perfect ones for your new home.

Visualize Paint Colors Online with RoomSketcher Home Designer 3D Photos

6. Get the Whole Family Involved

Moving can be tough on the whole family. Use your floor plan to get the whole family involved and excited about their new home. Whether it’s planning a new bedroom, playroom, family room or home office, RoomSketcher makes it easy for your family to get engaged in the process of setting up your new home. In fact, it’s so easy and fun even your kids can design their own bedrooms.

Kids bedroom design blush color scheme

7. Estimate Your Moving Cost

Moving costs are estimated by the number of things you have and the number of rooms you are moving to. As well as important details such as if there are stairs or elevators that can make the move easier or more difficult. Use your floor plan to estimate the following things more accurately:

RoomSketcher Black and White 2D Floor Plan With Measurements

In addition, share your floor plan with your mover. It will help them to understand the layout and to resolve any potential problems before you move. This will save you both time and money.

8. Selling Your Home

If you are selling a home, you can improve your real estate listing substantially by including a floor plan. Studies show that including a floor plan is one of the most important ways to market a home successfully. In fact, including a floor plan can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52% and studies show that buyers are less likely to inquire about properties without a floor plan.

RoomSketcher 2D 3D Floor Plans for Real Estate

Creating floor plans for your real estate listing is easy with RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services. All you need is a floor plan sketch or blueprint and our expert illustrators will create a set of professional 2D and 3D Floor Plans for you – ready to include in your listing.

Top RoomSketcher Tip!

If you’re short on time, order the floor plan for your new home too. Floor plan orders are ready the next business day and they include the link to the project in the RoomSketcher App. Simply open the project to furnish and decorate it to match your new home.

9. Organize your Move In

Remember that your floor plan is your map. Use it to illustrate clearly where things should go once you arrive. This will help to keep your move organized and running smoothly. It will also reduce the number of things that will need to be moved again.

RoomSketcher 2D Floor Plan with Furniture Layouts

10. Get Settled More Quickly

The success of a move is gauged not only by how easily you get packed but also by how easy it is to move in. The sooner you and your family can get settled in and living in your new home, the better your experience will be.

Your floor plan will help you to have a game plan. Know with confidence what to bring with you and where things will go, so you can get set up and settled into your new home successfully.

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