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RoomSketcher Partners With Vitec

Now Vitec customers in Sweden can order floor plans from RoomSketcher directly from the Express Mäklarsystem (Realtor System)

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RoomSketcher Partners With Vitec
Trine Bretteville

The Express Realtor System is the leading CRM-system for real estate agencies in Sweden. Thousands of Swedish real estate agents use the system to create marketing assets and distribute real estate listings.

Now RoomSketcher and Vitec are making it easier than ever for Swedish real estate agents to use RoomSketcher’s high-quality floor plans in their real estate listings.

“When some of our Swedish floor plan customers mentioned that their workday would become a little bit easier if we partnered up with Vitec, we reached out to their CEO, Torbjörn Abrahamsson, to make it happen,” says Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at RoomSketcher, Trine Bretteville.

“As RoomSketcher gains momentum in the Swedish market, it was a natural next step to get them integrated with Express Realtor System. At Vitec, we want to partner with the best vendors to be able to deliver the most attractive realtor system on the market,” remarked Torbjörn Abrahamsson.

Trine RoomSketcher Vitec
The Floor Plan Expert: Trine Bretteville, CMSO at RoomSketcher, says Swedish real estate agents will save time and money with the new RoomSketcher integration in the Express Realtor System.

Get Everything in One System

The partnership integrates the RoomSketcher floor plan ordering system with the Vitec Express realtor system. Now, Swedish real estate agents won’t have to use two different systems to set up and manage their real estate listings. With the new integration, the user experience will improve, and it will become easier than ever to make attractive real estate listings.

A Great Start in Sweden

Since RoomSketcher actively entered the Swedish market half a year ago, the Norwegian floor plan expert has attracted hundreds of new users amongst Swedish real estate agents. “We attract customers all over the world because we are known as a floor plan expert that consistently delivers floor plans of the highest quality. We have friendly customer service, short delivery time, and people love the unique features of the RoomSketcher App,” Trine Bretteville says.

Save Time and Money

“We meet many new real estate agents every day, and they are often frustrated about their current floor plan deliveries. The ordering process may be complicated, and the final delivery may have errors,” Bretteville explains. “The consequences may be that they have to place the order again or edit the floor plans in the office, using software like Paint or Photoshop.”

With RoomSketcher, these issues are eliminated with a customer-friendly ordering process that results in high-quality floor plans that are matched to your agency’s brand profile. If you want to make a last-minute change to your floor plan, like change a room name or move a wall, you can do it in the RoomSketcher App – it’s easy, virtually anyone can do it. And best of all, it saves you time and money!

The Best of Both Worlds

Do you have questions, or do you want to activate the RoomSketcher integration in Express Realtor System? RoomSketcher’s floor plan experts are here to help you. You can contact us here!

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