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9 Ideas for Senior Bathroom Floor Plans

If you are designing or remodeling a bathroom for an older person, space planning is an important consideration. As people age, they may transition from walking unassisted, to using canes, walkers, or wheelchairs, and more space is needed to accommodate those assistive devices.

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Senior bathroom floor plan
Carolyn White

As you consider your senior bathroom floor plans, it is ideal to have plenty of clear space around the toilet, in the shower stalls, and around cabinets and closets.

There are many benefits to drawing up your senior bathroom floor plan ideas prior to remodeling. You can:

Here are some sample senior bathroom floor plans created in RoomSketcher.

Senior Friendly Master Bathroom

This master bathroom demonstrates that a senior bathroom can be both stylish and ready for future accessibility needs.

Accessible Master Bath 3D Photo

Grab bars and other accessibility items now come in a variety of colors and styles to make them more like a piece of furniture than a hospital-like item. The 3D Floor Plan below shows you the senior bathroom layout plus the potential paint, tile, and fixtures for the bathroom.

Accessible Master Bath Brown 3D Floor Plan

The double sink has space for a wheelchair to roll underneath. The bathtub has grab bars on all sides to enable a user to safely step into the tub. The wide, flat entry shower also includes grab bars. Notice the fold-down grab bar next to the toilet, as well as extra space between the toilet and the sink – helpful if extra space is needed for a wheelchair or for transfer assistance.

This 2D Floor Plan shows the layout and dimensions of the project. While we have shown the measurements in meters, you could also show them in feet or inches.

Accessible Master Bath Brown 2D Floor Plan

One of the great things about using a software app to design your floor plan is that it is easy to make similar, alternative floor plans. Perhaps to try out a different design color scheme, or arrangement of fixtures. Take a look at the similar 3D Floor Plan below, styled with a grey and white color scheme instead of brown and gold. Which do you like better?

Senior Bathroom Gray White 3D Floor Plan
Want to start designing using this gray and white bathroom? Open the Project Presentation!

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

One of the first things you may notice on this next 2D Floor Plan is the wheelchair circle. This is used to show the turning radius needed for a wheelchair. By placing a wheelchair turning circle on your floor plan, you can test out and make sure the spacing between fixtures is good. The circle can also indicate to anyone viewing the floor plan that you have taken accessibility into account in the design.

Wheelchair accessible bathroom 2d floor plan

The 2D Floor Plan above includes measurements. You can see that the entrance door is a wide 1.2 meters (47 inches) to accommodate a wheelchair, and the entrance to the shower is also a generous 1 meter wide (approx 40 inches). The grab bar next to the toilet lifts up for easier access and there is plenty of space next to the toilet for the wheelchair or a person to assist with the transfer.

The floor plan below is the 3D version of the same bathroom. A 3D Floor Plan is useful to show the placement of materials, fixtures, and furniture.

Wheelchair accessible bathroom 3d floor plan

Here is a similar, slightly narrower version of the 2D Floor Plan, showing a shower with a built-in bench, as well as additional storage to the left of the entry door.

Accessible Bathroom Tan Beige 2D Floor Plan

The 3D Floor Plan is useful to see potential color schemes for tile, paint, and fixtures. The sample below shows how a neutral color scheme could look – quite different from the blue and grey color scheme that was shown above.

Accessible Bathroom Tan Beige 3D Floor Plan
Want to see more photos and start designing using the tan and beige bathroom? Open the Project Presentation!

Do you prefer more of a green, nature-filled look? Here’s a similar floor plan with a wood grain bench and cabinets, combined with vibrant green tile and accessories.

Senior Bathroom 3D Floor Plan

The 2D Floor Plan for this sample shows the measurements and an image of a wheelchair, to help show the scale of items.

Senior Bathroom 2D Floor Plan
Want to see more photos and start designing using the green tile bathroom? Open the Project Presentation!

Using design software, it’s easy to move walls, change the location of doors and windows, or move bathroom fixtures to see the effect. Below is a slightly larger version of the accessible bathroom floor plan. Several walls and the entry door were moved to make additional space for a double sink.

Accessible Bathroom 2D Floor Plan

The 3D Floor Plan for this project shows a completely different potential color scheme. The design uses several types of floor tiles to add interest without using throw rugs. It’s a good idea to minimize rugs in an accessible bathroom as they are a potential trip hazard and can be hard for a wheelchair or walker to roll over.

Accessible Bathroom 3D Floor Plan
Want to see more photos and start designing using the black and teal bathroom? Open the Project Presentation!

Below is an alternative design with a similar footprint. The 2D Floor Plan shows the measurements and scale for the project. Notice how the grab bars and other key elements stand out in the 2D Floor Plan. This type of plan is very useful to show to contractors for clear communication on the accessible elements you are adding.

Senior Bathroom Aqua White 2D Floor Plan

If you prefer more muted colors over the bold black and white theme above, here is how a similar bathroom would look with a peaceful aqua, white, and gray color scheme.

Senior Bathroom Aqua White 3D Floor Plan
Want to see more photos and start designing using the aqua and white bathroom? Open the Project Presentation!

Deluxe Senior Bathroom

This next senior bathroom could be found in a high-end home or a shared spa-like space, perhaps as part of an assisted living facility. It features a lounge area and a heated spa pool, a large shower area, double sinks, a makeup table, and a separate toilet area.

Senior Bathroom Deluxe 2D Floor Plan

In the 3D Floor Plan, you can see a potential soft and serene color scheme for the rooms.

Senior Bathroom Deluxe 3D Floor Plan
Want to see more photos designing using the deluxe senior bathroom? Open the Project Presentation!

Senior Suite

In addition to a senior bathroom, you may be designing a complete senior living space, sometimes called an in-law apartment, granny flat, or mother-in-law suite. These spaces are often created in a basement, part of an existing house, or as a separate guest house on a property.

The 2D Floor Plan below shows a layout for a senior-friendly bathroom, as well as a mini-kitchen and a bedroom area.

Senior Guest Suite 2D Floor Plan

The 3D Floor Plan for this senior apartment shows the potential colors, tile, fixtures and even the placement of the furniture.

Senior Guest Suite Floor 3D Floor Plan

Get Started

These senior bathroom floor plans were created using the RoomSketcher App.

With RoomSketcher, every user can access the RoomSketcher App and take snapshots for free, so you can start your bathroom planning straight away.

Once your bathroom layout is ready, upgrade to a paid RoomSketcher subscription for awesome 3D features such as – 3D Photos, 3D Floor Plans, and interactive Live 3D!

Get started on your senior bathroom floor plan today!

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