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99 Stunning Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation

Are you planning a bathroom reno but not sure where to start? Our mega list of bathroom design ideas should help get those creative juices flowing.

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Zen bathroom design with freestanding bathroom
Sam Applegate

Conjuring up bathroom remodel ideas can be a daunting process. But no matter how ambitious your makeover project, we’ve got your back. Everything you need for a showstopping bathroom redesign is right here.

Use Your Space Wisely

The first thing to consider is the space you have available. If you’re working with limited dimensions it’s important not to cram too many elements into the room. You’ll also have to think carefully about how the fixtures and fittings are positioned.

For larger bathrooms, you’ll need to adequately fill the space to avoid creating a space that feel empty.

1. Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For a tiny bathroom, use a corner sink and wall cistern to save space. Remember, you don’t have to fit a shower tray either; a wet room works great in tight areas.

Popular tiny bathroom color schemes use light tones that help open up the room. Add a few brightly-colored accessories to create a consistent theme.

Tiny bathroom remodel with corner vanity

2. Best Ideas for Small Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel in a small space needs to include plenty of light. Try using mirrors to make the room feel bigger. You can even mirror a whole wall. For best results, choose a wall that’s opposite a natural light source.

Try to avoid dark shades as these will make the room feel smaller.

Small bathroom renovation with bathtub

3. Medium Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you have more space available, you can start to experiment with your fixtures. A glass splash screen will add a modern touch while making your bathroom appear bigger.

Monochrome color schemes work well in medium-sized bathrooms. Try contrasting your white bathroom fixtures with black floor tiles for a sleek and elegant feel.

Medium bathroom remodel design

4. Large Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A large bathroom provides lots of available space and gives you complete freedom with your bathroom design ideas.  

Consider a centrally-placed bathtub for the ultimate luxurious relaxation spot. Use indoor plants, add floating shelves, and place chairs or baskets to fill the space. You can also use floor mats and hang pictures on the wall.

Large full bathroom remodeling idea

5. Bathroom Remodel Ideas 5 x 7

As standard bathtubs are 5 feet long (60 inches), 5 x 7 bathrooms are common. To maximize the available space you can position the bathtub at the end of the room snugly between the two walls.

5x7 bathroom size with bathtub

6. Bathroom Remodel Ideas 5 x 8

Other bathroom remodeling ideas for small bathrooms include positioning the bathtub parallel to the toilet and adding overhead storage to maximize vertical space.

Small bathroom renovation 5x8

7. Bathroom Remodel Ideas 6 x 5

When considering bathroom remodel ideas for small spaces, always remember that corners are your friend!

Corner sinks fit seamlessly into tight rooms, they improve access and help avoid bottlenecks. A corner shower will also take up less space while adding a unique touch to your room.

bathroom design in 5x6 size corner sink

8. Bathroom Remodel Ideas 6 x 6

If you use your space wisely, a 6 x 6 square bathroom layout can look great. Consider fitting a non-standard 4-foot bathtub to free up space. Your vanity should fit perfectly at the head of the tub, leaving space for your toilet on the opposite wall.

6x6 bathroom remodel idea square

9. Bathroom Remodel Ideas 6 x 8

With a slightly wider 6 x 8 bathroom, you can position a full-sized tub on one side with the toilet and vanity sink on the other. An alternative would be to position the toilet centrally, using a wall cistern to save on space.

Bathroom reno 6x8 red tiles

10. Bathroom Remodel Ideas 10 x 5

You have several options when working with a long and narrow 10 x 5 bathroom. One idea is to position your bathroom fixtures in a row, creating a galley-style layout.

If you prefer baths instead of showers, a standard 5-foot tub will fit perfectly at the end of the room.

5x10 bathroom remodel idea rectangular

“I recommend that you always speak with a professional before doing a full renovation of your bathroom. No matter what your budget is. Make sure your bathroom doesn´t need any further work before you start to remodel it.”


Choose a Bathroom Style That Fits Your Personality

One of the most fun stages of your redesign is choosing your bathroom style. Whether you prefer a clean and minimal vibe or a more eclectic design, your style should reflect your individuality.

Don’t get too carried away either, some bathroom remodel decorating ideas might look great, but can be challenging to maintain. Opt for fewer accessories and ornaments for faster, hassle-free cleaning.

11. Boho Style Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A beautiful Boho-Chic bathroom style doesn’t have to break the bank. Use textured accessories and organic materials like feathers, straw, and woven baskets. Plants can also bring the theme to life.

Bohemian bathroom remodel idea

12. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Country Style

Think farmhouses, decked floors, and wooden wall paneling. Stick to earthy colors and remember to protect any exposed wood with a waterproof sealer.

Country style bathroom design idea

13. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Contemporary

Contemporary design is all about the here and now. To capture this style you’ll need to use clean lines, open spaces, and a minimal approach with monochrome tones. A high-quality freestanding tub can work well as a stunning centerpiece.

Contemporary Bathroom 3D Photo Black Tiles

14. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Classic

A classic bathroom style usually involves beautifully contrasting colors. You’ll also need to include timeless materials like marble, stone, and ceramic.

Classic bathroom remodel

15. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Farmhouse

To capture the farmhouse vibe experiment with distressed paint on furniture items such as the vanity. Include wall paneling, and a freestanding claw-foot bathtub if you can.

If you already have exposed beams in your bathroom, the farmhouse style is a perfect match for your home.

Farmhouse bathroom remodel with geometric floor tiles

16. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Mid-Century

A mid-century style uses vintage cabinets, plenty of geometric shapes, and fun adventurous colors. Try to also add some kitsch touches and bold contrasts to bring this theme to life.

Mid-century bathroom remodel style

17. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Rustic

Rustic bathroom designs work great in old country homes. They make use of rugged natural materials like wood and stone. You can even incorporate oil-rubbed bronze, antiqued brass, and hammered copper.

Rustic bathroom style remodel

18. Ranch Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Plenty of natural materials like wood and stone are needed for a ranch-style bathroom. You can also add colorful cloth rugs, saloon lights, and vintage lampshades.

Teak is ideal for bathrooms as it has good moisture-resistant properties. Remember to apply a waterproof sealer on all exposed wood in your wet zone, or else create a tiled area for even better protection.

Bathroom remodel idea ranch style

19. Retro Bathroom Remodel Ideas

To achieve a retro look you can tap into any era, with the 70s being a popular choice. Go wild with bright contrasting colors, floral designs, and ornate details. Busy tile patterns and flashy rugs fit the theme nicely. Avocado green is a must-have color to include in any 70s design.

Retro bathroom remodel green

20. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Traditional

Traditional bathrooms usually include furniture-style vanity units, claw-foot bathtubs, and opulent light fixtures like chandeliers. Decorative wallpaper also works well, along with a strategically placed comfy chair and dressing table.

Traditional bathroom pink with dressing table

21. Vintage Bathroom Remodel Ideas

To pull off a vintage design include a selection of antiques and historical items that help create a warm nostalgic feel. Try hanging several old paintings on the wall to breathe life into your bathroom.

Vintage style bathroom remodel

22. Victorian Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A Victorian bathroom should scream extravagance, opulence, and excess. Include luxurious materials like marble, throw down an ornate rug or two, and add gold touches throughout.

Large baroque mirrors fit the style perfectly, along with claw-foot bathtubs and floral prints.

Victorian bathroom style design with blue wallpaper

23. Zen Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For a zen-style bathroom think peace, calm, minimalism, and meditation. Use warm wood, add a couple of lush green plants, and try to include natural touches like sand, pebbles, and water. Zen bathrooms work best in large areas with open space and natural light.

Zen bathroom style remodel

24. Beach Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A beach-style bathroom needs to include natural materials like wood, rattan, shiplap, and accent colors of blue. Remember to use white throughout the room to create a sense of the outdoors. A spacious shower can also help establish a feeling of open space that comes with the coastline.

Beach bathroom remodel idea with blue tiles

25. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Modern

Clean lines, chrome accents, and floating fixtures are key elements of a modern bathroom design. Less is more so try to reduce clutter and take a minimal approach for a streamlined, crisp feel. 

Whether on a lampshade, vase, or wall painting, adding pops of color throughout the room will bring everything together nicely.

Bathroom design modern style orange accents

26. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For a modern twist on the farmhouse design, add a crisp coat of white paint to the traditional shiplap paneling. You can keep the furniture-style vanity and lush green plants to really achieve the modern farmhouse fusion.

Modern farmhouse design idea

27. Parisian Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Parisian chic integrates classic and contemporary styles. Use timber floorboards mixed with neutral white tones to hit the brief. Ornate chandeliers or decorative lights suspended from the ceiling can finish off the look perfectly.

Parisian bathroom style remodel idea

28. Transitional Style Bathroom Design

The transitional design attempts to bring together both modern and traditional elements to create a cohesive and well-balanced space. A shaker-style vanity, glass shower enclosure, subway tiling, and classic pendant lights are typically found in transitional bathrooms.

Transitional bathroom 3D Photo Mix Wall Coverings

29. Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Think old factories and industrial spaces. Feel free to leave pipes and bricks exposed, and use steel framing and wooden beams, along with large sliding doors. For the flooring, you can either go with heavy-duty wooden floorboards or polished concrete.

Industrial bathroom remodel idea

30. Scandinavian Bathroom Remodeling

To achieve a Scandinavian bathroom design focus on clean lines, minimalism, and functionality. Use wood materials in a lighter tone, such as white stained oak for your vanity or shelving. Your room should be clutter-free and include light neutral tones along with modern practical fixtures and fittings.

Scandinavian Bathroom 3D Photo Wood Details

31. Mediterranean Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Transport yourself to the Med by using colorful and intricate tiles and ornate lighting. Mosaics also fit this design style perfectly. Whitewashed walls together with rich warm hues will create the earthy feel you’re after.

Mediterranean bathroom style blue tiles

32. Tropical Bathroom Redesign

To pull off a tropical bathroom style you’ll need plenty of lush green plants. Other natural materials like exotic wood, jute, and pampas straw also help bring the theme together. To really set the scene, why not finish it all off with a fast-flowing waterfall shower.

Tropical bathroom style with green tiles and plants

33. Eclectic Bathroom Style

If you enjoy organized chaos, an eclectic bathroom design should fit the bill. Go wild and have some fun mixing various different design styles.

You can combine several materials and pick unusual colors, but remember to have at least one or two consistent elements to create cohesion. Hanging pop art is a good way to achieve this.

Eclectic bathroom style with purple rug

34. Shabby-Chic Bathroom Ideas

You’ll need to strike the perfect balance between softness and roughness to achieve a shabby-chic bathroom design.

Use lace, flowers, and neutral pastels for a gentle feminine vibe. Combine with distressed and weathered surfaces to add a lived-in feel. Try and blend in mismatched items and eras. An ornate style and vintage furniture and lighting will help you create the right contrast.

Shabby-chic bathroom style

35. Southwestern Bathroom Remodel Designs

Bring the American southwest to life with desert tones, handmade baskets, and dark warm timber like Mesquite or Buckeye. Handcrafted artisanal items and vivid wallpaper designs can also help you achieve the desired result.

Southwestern bathroom style remodel

36. Craftsman Bathroom Design

A craftsman bathroom design should include rich wood tones, functional artisanal furniture, and warm lighting. To create that all-important charm, throw in a craftsman-style vanity and beautiful yet durable rug. Incorporate stained glass or mica lampshades to finish off the style.

Craftsmanship bathroom style

37. Old House Bathroom Remodel Ideas

There are several quick and easy ways to give your dated bathroom a makeover. Put up a minimal DIY shelf and place some artwork to immediately add a touch of style.

You can also replace old bathroom accessories with modern alternatives. Something as simple as updating towel hooks or toilet-roll holders can make all the difference.

Purple old house bathroom remodel idea

Different Bathroom Types to Consider

Once you’ve decided on your style, you’ll need to think about the type of bathroom that you’re remodeling. A guest bathroom or en-suite should be designed for occasional use and has very different requirements than a full-sized family bathroom.

If children will be using your bathroom, you may want to think about adding an additional lower, child-friendly vanity. For elderly or disabled people consider a walk-in bathtub and remember to add plenty of well-positioned handrails.

38. 1/2 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A 1/2 bathroom (also known as a powder room) typically only contains a toilet and a sink. There’s no space for a bathtub or shower, but feel free to include an extra-large countertop if you have the space available. 

Positioning the surface along a wall works well and provides plenty of room to place plants, accessories, and other toiletries.

Bathroom remodel idea for 1/2 bath

39. 3/4 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A three-quarter bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and shower, without the bathtub. This efficient layout is a common option for oddly-shaped rooms where a bathtub simply won’t fit. If you have enough space, you can include a bidet.

3/4 bathroom remodel layout

40. Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Simplicity is the name of the game for a guest bathroom. Above all else, your design should be practical and provide the essentials. There’s no need for elaborate waterfall showers, grand tubs, or dual vanity sinks.

Instead, just focus on a functional shower that’s easy to use. Remember that most of the time your guest bathroom will go unused.

Bathroom remodel idea for guest bathroom

41. Full Bathroom Remodel Ideas

There’s a lot to think about when undertaking a full bathroom remodel. A toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub all need to be included. Full bathrooms sometimes feature a dual vanity for that extra touch of convenience. You may even have space for two showers.

If you’re lucky enough to be working with a large room,  centrally position your tub to fill some of the void. You can also place additional bathroom furniture and include plenty of leafy plants.

Bathroom remodel idea for full bathroom

42. Jack and Jill Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You can think of a Jack and Jill bathroom as a two-in-one. They’re positioned between two separate bedrooms and accessible from both. You should include at least two sinks and for privacy, position the toilet and shower in an isolated cubicle. Jack and Jill bathrooms work well next to children’s bedrooms.

Bear in mind that the room is isolated from the rest of the house. You’ll need another bathroom to avoid people awkwardly walking through your bedroom for access.

jack and Jill bathroom remodel idea

43. Main Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Your primary bathroom should be spacious and comfortable while including all the required essentials. As multiple family members are likely to call this bathroom their home, you’ll need plenty of storage space. Towel cupboards, under-sink compartments, and plenty of countertop space are a must.

Renovation idea for main bathroom

44. Bathroom Remodel Universal Design

As you approach your twilight years, remodeling your bathroom should be high on your priority list. A universal design needs to be accessible, comfortable, and convenient for older people or people with disabilities.

Consider installing grab bars, providing wheelchair access, and using a shower bench. Textured tiles can also help prevent dangerous trips and falls.

Universal design remodel

45. Condo Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Unlike a large family home, condos usually have limited space. You’ll need to think carefully about maximizing what you have available. 

Line up each bathroom fitting along a wall in a galley design for an efficient layout. Your tub should fit neatly along the back wall. As space is at a premium, fit your shower over the bath.

Bathroom remodel ideas for condos

Dealing With Any Shape or Form

In an ideal world, you’d be working with simple, uniform dimensions. But unfortunately, bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some bathroom remodel layout ideas for perfectly square rooms, as well as other common shapes.

46. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Square

Depending on the size of your square room, there are a few options available. You can install a corner shower to make efficient use of the floor area. This should free up enough space to position a bathtub along another wall.

Alternatively, drop the tub and consider a larger shower enclosure with a floating glass screen. Use vertical stripes on the wall to make the room seem longer, taller, and less square.

Bathroom remodel idea for square space

47. Long Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you’re working with a long and narrow bathroom, start by positioning the largest fixture, the tub. 

It's a good idea to align the tub along one of the longer walls. If your bathroom is at least 5 feet wide, it could also fit nicely at the back, against the shorter wall.

A long bathroom makes fitting a dual-vanity easy, you should have plenty of room to experiment with the various options.

Bathroom remodel design for long bathroom

48. Rectangular Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Remodeling a rectangular bathroom can bring about some unique challenges. To avoid a narrow feel, use bright colors and hang mirrors to create a sense of width.

Break up the flooring to make the room feel less rectangular. Try using different colored tiles for the wet zone or fit a wide wall-to-wall shower tray to square off the space.

Scandinavian bathroom design

49. L-Shaped Bathroom Remodel Ideas

L-shaped bathrooms can work really well as your shower enclosure will fit perfectly into the enclave. It might be hard to find a shower tray with the exact dimensions of your space, so consider a tiled wet room instead. You can also do a custom shower stall, where the tiler creates the equivalent of a shower tray.

L-shaped bathroom floor plan remodel

Common Bathroom Structural Challenges

There are some aspects of your bathroom renovation that you’ll have no control over. From oddly-shaped rooms and awkward door positions to sloped ceilings and windowless spaces. These can create unique challenges and may require some creativity to overcome.

50. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With No Windows

Windows provide a natural light source together with ventilation. Without them, you’ll need to develop some bathroom design ideas and color schemes that work well with artificial lighting. Spotlights compliment dark shades nicely to create a sharp and modern feel.

Remember to also install an adequate bathroom vent. Check your local building regulations for detailed requirements. As a general guide, you’ll need at least 1 CFM (cubic feet per minute) per square foot of room area.

Contemporary Bathroom 3D Photo Black Tiles

51. Sloped Ceiling Bathroom Ideas

If you’re working on a bathroom remodel for a loft space, chances are you’ll have a sloped ceiling to deal with. It’s best to position the shower against the taller wall.

This will help ventilation and give you more freedom when positioning your shower head. Vanity units and bathtubs can be placed along the opposite, shorter wall where that extra height isn’t required.

Scandinavian Bathroom Double shower Light Colored Wood Floor

52. Extra Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For small bathroom remodel ideas, you’ll need to think extra carefully about storage. A couple of clever solutions you can try include mounting baskets into tight corners and installing extra shelving above the toilet. Another trick is to use large mirrors to help make your small bathroom feel bigger.

RoomSketcher DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Color Ideas

With bathroom renovation ideas, there are endless colors to choose from. And although there’s no right or wrong answer when picking your color, try to choose a scheme that compliments your fixtures and stick to just two or three primary choices.

Mixing too many contrasting colors can create chaos. Most importantly, pick colors that you actually like or that have some individual meaning for you.

“When designing a bathroom you want to make sure you consider your lighting when selecting a paint color. Going with bright cool colors on the walls gives the illusion of a larger space and allows you to highlight and showcase your finishes”

Lenore King Luxury Interiors

Remember that bright light colors work best in small areas as they create a sense of space. With a larger bathroom, you have more freedom to incorporate darker colors.

If you’re unsure, start with a monochrome design and add hints of color using bathroom accessories. Introducing color through lighting fixtures, vases, baskets, mats, and artwork means you can easily change your color scheme in the future without having to completely remodel. You can also repaint old tiles for a quick solution that will save on costs.

53. Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Gray

Gray is a luxurious color, and with the right execution, it can result in a high-quality and elegant feel. It’s also the ultimate neutral color and will complement your white bathroom fixtures perfectly. Try using patterned grey tiles to add a touch of style.

Bathroom remodel idea with gray colors

54. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Blue

Blue bathroom color ideas will evoke a feeling of the sea or sky. Try blue shiplap walls with stained wood flooring for a charming balance. Mix in soft blues on your vanity to create a consistent theme. You can also add a feature wall with a patterned design to break things up and draw the eye.

Bathroom remodel idea with blue color and shiplap

55. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Brown

Deep shades of brown paired with golden lighting can result in a sophisticated and refined bathroom. Rustic wood flooring and candlelight add a cozy and warm vibe.

For practicality, remember to include some brighter spotlights over the vanity. A white ceiling or feature wall will ensure the dark brown theme doesn’t overwhelm.

Bathroom remodel with brown tiles

56. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Black and White

If you want a timeless, simple, and classic design, a black and white bathroom remodel will tick all the boxes. To add some excitement, experiment with contemporary lightbulbs and introduce some plants. Alternate wall shades for a nonuniform design that will make the room feel bigger.

Bathroom remodel idea with black and white colors

57. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Gray and White

Light grey and white color schemes can brighten up small spaces. Use vertical mirrors to reflect even more light into the room. Try adding darker-colored accessories to create a warm and inviting feel.

Bathroom design in gray and white

58. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Earth Tones

Warm earth tones in a bathroom will create a natural and organic environment. To add some vibrancy, place some indoor house plants. Lady Palms, Spider plants, Peace Lilies, and Monstera plants are all easy to grow and don’t require direct sunlight. Natural wood furniture will also add a nice touch to your theme.

Zen bathroom design wood vanity

59. Neutral Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Neutral bathroom designs provide a fresh and clean look. A beige free-standing bathtub can create a stunning centerpiece while cream mats will continue the neutral theme throughout the room. Plants also work well, along with black bathroom fittings.

Boho bathroom style with neutral color scheme

60. Gray and Brown Bathroom Color Idea

For gray and brown, think masculine, bold, and strong. A feature beam, solid wood vanity, and wooden door can provide the required brown tones while grey tiles give you a sturdy and robust finish. Dark-colored bathroom accessories would complement the style nicely.

Bathroom remodel idea with gray and brown colors

61. Bathroom Remodel With Luxury Jewel Tones

Jewel tones include saturated hues of red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. Emerald green is a popular choice and can be achieved with vibrant wall tiles. Contrast against standard white bathroom fixtures for an unexpected fresh feel.

Bathroom remodel idea with jewel tones

62. White Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For simplicity and elegance, consider a white bathroom remodel. Using white as your predominant color gives you unlimited freedom with your accessories and finishing touches. If you want to make the room pop, add lush green plants or colorful artwork.

White bathroom remodel idea

63. Pink Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Pink is a brave color choice for a bathroom redesign but can deliver beautiful results when done right. You probably want to avoid using strong saturated pink bathroom tiles as this can end up looking cheap and tacky. Instead, opt for pastels together with bolder tones scattered throughout. 

Bathroom remodel idea pink

64. Yellow Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A yellow bathroom decor will brighten up your space and create a cheerful happy feel. Yellow works especially well in bathrooms without windows or natural light.

Use a subtle pastel tone for a casual setting or try a deeply saturated yellow for a more sophisticated design. Dark brown tones complement yellow nicely. Contrast dark flooring with bright walls to make your room appear bigger and more spacious.

Bathroom remodel design in yellow

65. Green Bathroom Color Ideas

Using green in your bathroom makes for a soothing, and calming atmosphere. A white bathroom vanity with hints of pastel green works well alongside a mint bathroom stool. Plants are the obvious choice to add deeper pops of emerald tones. Natural wood flooring also matches the green theme nicely, keep in mind that the wood needs to be sealed properly.

Traditional Bathroom 3D Photo Wood Flooring

Get Creative With Your Bathroom Fixtures

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, there’s a world of options out there. You don’t have to settle for just a standard sink, toilet, shower, or tub. Why not live life in the fast lane with a fast-flowing waterfall shower or add some dramatic elegance with a claw-foot bathtub?

You could consider a dual or even triple vanity to add some convenience for all the family. Wall-mount toilets can also make floor mopping easier.

“In any bathroom remodel, you want to make sure that the floor plan is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. For example, if you want more usable storage space, focus on various vanity and linen tower combinations that best suit the space rather than simply choosing a vanity that looks nice.”


66. Bathroom Remodel Vanity Ideas

You’re going to need somewhere to place all those bathroom accessories, so the bigger the better when it comes to the vanity countertop area. As for the sink itself, an undermount sink gives a more streamlined and efficient feel.

The vanity also creates an under-sink storage opportunity. Make sure you maximize the space with plenty of cupboards and drawers.

RoomSketcher Transitional Bathroom 3D Photo

67. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Double Sink

A double sink vanity will ease the morning rush and make family bedtimes run smoother. One idea is to use double countertop sinks, they look beautiful and help fill the extra-large countertop area.

RoomSketcher Zen Bathroom remodel with double sink

68. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Walk-in Showers

If you have an L-shaped bathroom or just plenty of available space, a walk-in shower can provide a more functional and accessible alternative. Perfect for people with limited or impaired mobility, they’re also safer as there are no steps or slippery shower trays involved.

Remember to create a slight incline when fitting the floor tiles for adequate drainage. A 2-degree angle works well and should avoid water pooling.

Bathroom remodel with walk-in shower

69. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Corner Shower

Corner showers are usually curved and save space, so they work well in smaller bathrooms. A sliding door is practical but sometimes awkward. Instead, install a floating splash screen for a cleaner, modern vibe.

Blue bathroom design with walk-in shower

70. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Steam Shower

Steam showers generally take up more space so they’re not suitable for all bathroom remodel projects. They also need to be completely enclosed with a watertight door, making them cost significantly more than a standard shower.

However, they do offer something unique and are great for your skin and sinuses. If you work long hours, a steam shower is a nice way to unwind after a hard day in the office.

Bathroom remodel idea with steam shower

71. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Tub and Shower

If you’re looking for bathroom remodel ideas with a tub shower combo, consider fitting a showerbath. By providing more space, they help avoid those clumsy moments and make showering easier. No more banging elbows into the shower screen or stubbing toes into the tub.

Bathroom remodel with showerbath

72. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With a Tub

There are several options when it comes to the bathtub. First, decide on a free-standing tub or wall-to-wall fit. The different possibilities will depend on your room dimensions.

You’ll also want to consider the tub style. Simple designs work well for a minimal feel and create a sense of no-fuss relaxation. While more decorative tubs like claw-foot designs provide a level of vintage grandeur. Remember to pick faucets that match your tub style.

Zen bathroom style with tropical vibe

73. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With a Walk-in Tub

We usually associate walk-in tubs with the elderly. And while they do improve accessibility for people with impaired mobility, they’re also great for people of all ages.

Modern walk-in tubs come in a range of sleek designs so offer both practicality and style. They also provide peace of mind that your home is future-proofed.

Bathroom idea with walk-in tub

74. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With a Jacuzzi Tub

Turn your bathroom into the ultimate relaxation space by fitting a Jacuzzi (also known as a hot tub or spa). You’ll need a large room and fitted steps may also be required. But if you enjoy hydrotherapy or even some submerged socializing, the remodel will be well worth it.

Bathroom design with Jacuzzi

75. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With a Garden Tub

An outdoor tub is lovely if you live in a tropical climate with low rainfall. Why not get close to nature with a tranquil garden tub?

The idea of unwinding amid greenery might sound appealing, but remember to consider the practical aspects. First and foremost, your privacy. You’ll need a secluded garden or remote country home for a garden tub to be viable. 

Bathroom remodel garden tub

76. Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Removing Tub

Remember that opting for no tub is always a possibility. A bathroom remodel without a tub will save on costs and free up more space for other fixtures. Why not indulge in an extravagant dual shower cubical or double vanity instead?

Your home should always fit your individual needs. Removing your tub is the perfect choice if you’re busy and prefer quick showers over relaxing baths.

Bathroom remodel idea without tub black details

77. Bathroom Remodel Lighting Ideas

It’s important to choose lighting that matches your bathroom style. Yellow hues create a soft warm and relaxing feel, perfect for long luxurious soaks. While bright white bulbs provide excellent visibility so offer a more practical solution. Spotlights and over-mirror lighting will make grooming easier. 

Why not experiment with low-hanging Edison bulbs over the tub. Always put safety first and maintain plenty of distance from any potential splashes.

Bathroom remodel lighting idea blacktiles

78. Toilet Remodel in a Bathroom

You might be wondering if you can move a toilet in a bathroom remodel. The answer is absolutely yes, but your plumbing layout could make the job more challenging. Standard toilet drainage requires a 3 or 4-inch pipe while shower and sink drainpipes are typically 2 inches in diameter.

The easiest way to reposition your toilet would be to move it somewhere along the existing 3-inch drainpipe. This means you wouldn’t have to refit your entire floor and lay a new pipe.

Toilet remodel before and after

79. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Dark Cabinets

Dark shades of grey and black create a cozy and modern bathroom vibe. Dark cabinets complement this style perfectly and add a strong and bold touch. Mix in some brightly saturated hues to create a stark contrast that draws the eye.

Bathroom design dark cabinets

80. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Oak Cabinets

Oak cabinets work great in a rustic style bathroom, along with other natural materials. Alternatively, they can be used in a clean and modern setting to create a beautifully distinct feature. Use a lighter shade of oak with white walls for a Scandinavian feel.

Boho-chic bathroom style oak cabinets

81. Bathroom Remodel Mirror Ideas

By using mirrors creatively you can achieve stunning results in your bathroom remodel. Mirrors naturally make a room appear larger so use this to your advantage. A long and narrow room can be artificially widened by placing mirrors along the long wall.

You can also add an abundance of natural light to your bathroom using mirrors. Strategically place them opposite windows to reflect the sun around the room.

Bathroom remodel mirror

“Be mindful of the maintenance when selecting the fixtures and finishes.  You want to select pieces that are low maintenance and easy to clean to extend the life warranty of your space.”

Lenore King Luxury Interiors

Charming and Durable Bathroom Materials

Due to their excellent water-resistant properties, tiles are the go-to staple when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. But there are plenty more options out there besides these reliable squares.

Use bold natural materials like marble, stone, and wood for a timeless design. Alternatively, experiment with substitutes like concrete or laminated countertops for a sharper, cleaner style.

82. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Tiles

Tiles are not only durable and long-lasting but they also come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. This provides an incredible amount of freedom to be creative.

Try mixing different shapes of the same color for an eclectic feel. From hexagon and herringbone to shell shape and terrazzo, you have plenty of options available.

Bathroom design with mixed tiles

83. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Subway Tile

Subway tiles come in several forms but usually have a simple white rectangular design. The most common approach is to use a 50% offset on each row to create a brick-like pattern. For a less traditional look, you can use a Herringbone formation. These are mounted diagonally in a zig-zag style.

Use monochrome colors for a true subway vibe. Make your bathroom appear larger by using dark colors on the floor and light colors on the walls.

Black and white bathroom with subway tiles

84. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Tile Shower

There’s no rulebook that states you have to use a ceramic or resin shower tray. Go for something a little different and completely tile your shower enclosure. You’ll benefit from improved access while also saving on costs.

Small mosaic tiles work great (although the grouting can be time-consuming). Add a 2-degree floor incline for water drainage

Green tile idea for bathroom remodels

85. Life Size Tiles and Micro Cement

Large floor tiles are easier to fit and require less grouting. They’re also easier to clean and make your bathroom appear roomier. Combo them with micro cement on the walls for a minimal no-fuss feel. Bear in mind that large floor tiles will require more cutting, especially when installed in smaller rooms.

If your bathroom looks bland with all that micro cement, you can always add some greenery to brighten things up.

Zen bathroom with freestanding bathroom

86. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Dark Floors

Dark floors create a strong, and bold look. You can use dark hardwood for a traditional feel or dark-colored tiles to create a more modern space. Contrast your dark floor with a white tub and toilet along with a lighter shade of grout to add some depth to your design. This will also help brighten up your room.

Modern bathroom interior with shower and bathtub

87. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Marble

Marble is an extremely versatile natural stone that can be used anywhere in your bathroom. Countertops are probably the most common place you’ll find marble, along with sinks, walls, or even floors.

Bear in mind that marble doesn’t come cheap. But if you’re going for a Victorian or classic design, the cost will be well worth it.

Bathroom remodel with black marble countertop

88. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a kind of extended skirting board designed to break up the monotony of a wall. It will add some charm and decorative detail to your bathroom while protecting your walls. Wainscoting is usually wood so remember to paint or seal properly, especially in splash zones.

Bathroom remodel with wainscoting

89. Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Shiplap

Shiplap comes in both horizontal and vertical designs, both of which work great in bathrooms. Use satin, white waterproof paint for a pure and clean look. If you have a low ceiling, vertical shiplap is an excellent choice as it can trick the eye and make your room appear taller.

Darmhouse bathroom design with shiplap

90. Bathroom Wallpaper Remodel Idea

Wallpaper isn’t an obvious choice for a bathroom. With all those splashes and high humidity levels, you might be worried about its durability. But modern vinyl wallpaper applied correctly should last. It’s often cheaper and less labor-intensive than tiling, plus gives you plenty of visual options.

Wallpaper bathroom remodel idea red

Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether it’s attempting some DIY jobs or swapping out expensive materials for cheaper alternatives, there are several tricks you can use to save on costs.

91. Inexpensive Bathroom Workarounds

To reduce your bathroom remodel costs why not use PVC or UFP-Edge shiplap for your walls. It’s waterproof and will be cheaper and faster to fit than tiling. Plus, there's no grouting required. Add a coat of mildew-resistant paint for even more protection.

You can further save on costs by building your own shelving unit. Fix together standard 1 x 2 wood lengths with pocket-hole screws for a clean, minimal, and inexpensive storage solution.

Inexpensive bathroom DIY

92. DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Much of the cost of a bathroom remodel project is sunk into labor and professional fitting fees. If you can learn a few skills, you’ll dramatically reduce your outgoings. One idea is to build and mount shelving yourself.

This is especially easy for enclosed minimal-style shelves. Tiling is also something you can pick up relatively quickly.

“I recommend adding some plants, adding LED strips underneath the vanity that automatically turn on when you walk in, in the dark. Not only is it a more sustainable option than turning on your main lights every time you walk in but it creates a really beautiful, warm feel.”

DIY bathroom remodel red

93.  Affordable Tile Painting

An affordable option for your bathroom remodel is to hand-paint tiles. You’ll be surprised by how little effort is required to add a whole new lease of life to your space.

Dated and boring all-white bathrooms can be modernized with a checkerboard design. Remember to use masking tape to achieve clean straight lines.

Bathroom with hand-painted checkered tiles

Different Bathroom Locations

Bathrooms can be positioned anywhere around your home. From small en-suites and under-stair rooms to large family bathrooms or even outdoor facilities. The size of your room, along with your home plumbing layout will determine what’s possible for your bathroom remodel project.

94. Hall Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Hall bathrooms are usually located at the end of corridors and are designed to be shared spaces. It’s common to split the hall bathroom into private and non-private areas. Position the vanity in the communal hall section while the toilet and tub hide behind a closed door.

Bathroom remodel idea hallway

95. Basement Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The main challenge you’ll face with a basement bathroom is the lack of natural lighting. To get around this, fit large mirrors to reflect light around the room. If possible, install a skylight in the ceiling. Also, use plenty of artificial lights and bright glossy tiles.

When fitting a toilet below your main drain line, you’ll also need a special plumbing system involving a macerator and a pump.

Basment bathroom remodel idea dark blue walls

96. Bathroom Remodel Ideas Cabin

Cabin bathrooms are often stand-alone outhouses separate from your main living space. Wood cabins are a popular choice, but you can also go for a less traditional interior. Rustic stone textured tiles work well along with dark slate flooring.

RoomSketcher Rustic Powder Room Design Idea Cole Sons Woods Wallpaper Bath Collection Castellon Washbasin

97. Outdoor Bathroom Remodel Design

If your bathroom backs onto a secluded outdoor space, why not make use of this extra square footage and extend your bathroom into the wild exterior. This obviously works best in warm climates like Australia, Central America, and the Mediterranean.

Placing your shower outside is a great idea. Use a powerful waterfall showerhead and surround it with lush green plants for that back-to-nature vibe.

Outdoor bathroom remodel

Finishing Touches

The small details can make all the difference and bring your whole bathroom redesign to life. It’s therefore important not to overlook the finer details like your accessories, towel hooks, toilet roll holders, mirrors, soap dispensers, and other decorative elements.

98. Bathroom Remodel Accessories

The key here is consistency and an overall theme. Even an eclectic mix of accessories needs to have some commonality running throughout. To ensure harmony, you can buy prepacked accessory sets that include matching soap trays, vases, and dispensers.

If you want to hand-pick each accessory separately, stick to just two or three primary colors to avoid a cluttered feel.

Bathroom remodel accessories

And Finally…

Overhauling your dated bathroom can drastically improve your comfort level, not to mention boost the resale value of your property. But deciding on a design can sometimes cause paralysis by analysis. This leads nicely into our final tip.

99. Use a Bathroom Remodel Design App

RoomSketcher is a home design app that can help you plan and visualize your bathroom remodel project. It lets you see what works (and what doesn’t) before committing to any expensive building work.

Register for free and download the RoomSketcher App today to make your bathroom remodel a breeze.

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