Small House Plan Examples

If you are looking for a starter home, a vacation cottage, a rental unit, or to downsize, you may be looking at small house plans. But exactly what is a "small house"? The definition changes depending on the year, current trends, and even what country you live in. The good news is that today's small house plans are generally open, bright, and pleasant.

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Small 3D House Plan Examples

What is Considered a "Small" House Plan?

On average, small house plans tend to be those less than 1500 square feet (about 140 m2). Yet, depending on where you live, you can find some people who think 2500 sq ft (230 m2) is a small home. Others insist that a small house plan must be under 1000 sq ft (92 m2). For this post, we are using 1500 sq ft (140 m2) and smaller.

Small house plans that are closer to the high end of the range, at 1500 sq ft (140 m2), will most often have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Those at 1000 sq ft (92 m2) or smaller are often 1 or 2 bedroom units with 1 or 2 bathrooms. While most small house plans are single story, you'll also find 1.5 story and some 2 story options, which minimize the lot size required.

Small vs Tiny House

Small house plans also include the subset called tiny house plans. Tiny homes, usually less than 400 sq ft (37 m2), are truly small and are usually designed for a single person or couple who is committed to a minimalist lifestyle. For inspiration on different furniture layouts for a tiny house, check out these

Benefits of Small House Plans

When you hear the word small, you don't have to think cramped and dark. Today's small house plans include clever options to make the most of the space. You'll find open floor plans, lots of windows, covered patios and outdoor spaces, and large master bathrooms, all of which make small house living pleasant.

Small house plans are usually quite budget-friendly. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Due to their small footprint, you can purchase a smaller plot of land.
  • Due to the need for fewer materials, it is usually less costly to build a smaller house than a larger house. That being said, if you choose premium materials, fixtures, and appliances, you can end up with a beautiful, and expensive small house.
  • With smaller square footage, there is less furniture to purchase, and less space to heat and cool, all leading to lower costs.

Another benefit of a small house plan is that it can free your time to be spent on activities that are important to you. Less space means less time spent cleaning your home. Less cost means you may not have to spend so much time working to afford your house.

What is Your Dream Small House?

From full houses with garages to cottages and bungalows, small house plans come in a variety of floor plans and styles. It's a good idea to create a prioritized list of your top features and wants, based on the type of small house you want to build. Then have fun reviewing small house plans to find your best layout.

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